Being An Introvert

“I’m an introvert… I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky.”

Audrey Hepburn

Hi, I’m Keihancarl and I love to hang out with no one but myself…

So much for that short introduction. Anyway, I feel tired just being surrounded by people and I tend to shun huge crowds. What’s going on? Nothing. It’s just that I’m not comfortable around everyone.

Well, isn’t it weird to see someone hanging out with no one but himself? I believe that’s pretty normal. And no, it isn’t really unusual. Sometimes, there is a need to spend time on our own, without seeing or hanging out with anyone for at least a while.

I knew for some reason that I might be an introvert but I don’t pay attention to myself. They do notice, they do ask why I’m like that, and I have a response: I’m just like that. They may be baffled by this response as if they don’t get it, but it seems like they already understand what I said, though indirect. They sure noticed that I don’t talk much, and I tend to get awkward at times when I’m speaking since I had a little problem communicating with people and had a hard time expressing myself. For me, social interaction and communication are my weaknesses.

I’m gonna list down some possible traits that other people see as unusual:

  • You simply hate talking, and you rarely join conversations.
  • You find conversations irritating.
  • You will do anything just to end a pretty lengthy (and boring) chat.
  • You feel exhausted during social interactions.
  • You tend to avoid a lot of people just so you can enjoy doing some activities yourself.
  • You prefer spending time alone or with a small group of friends.
  • You often feel overwhelmed and exhausted during social interactions.
  • You often think twice before saying something that can impress or offend people.
  • You find it hard to express yourself.

If you have these characteristics, then you’re considered an introvert. But then, are you supposed to let it sink to you and keep admitting that you’re an introvert just because you’re not that socially active? Maybe, but there are some positive reasons for you to be proud of it.

Being An Introvert

If you’re hanging out with a large group of people and you’re feeling exhausted, then you should re-energize yourself by excusing yourself from the group. To be honest, I’m not comfortable being with a large group, yet I’m not seen hanging out with a smaller group so I usually ended up hanging out with no one but myself. Anyway, I’m fine with it.

I tend to relax if there were only a few people around, exact opposite if there’s a lot of people around. What matters is that I can move smoothly and freely without having to run into people. You certainly wouldn’t want to run into someone you know, especially if your communication skills are… well… not as good as the others, making yourself look awkward in front of them (but not at all times).

There were instances wherein no matter how much you refuse, you simply give in for the sake of friendship. One time, I was invited for a drink by some of my friends and knowing how hard it is for me to refuse (they’re pretty nice people anyway), I give in. Besides, I only had a few drinks since I feel like going somewhere afterward. They sure noticed how quiet I was and they keep asking if I’m all right. I only smiled and told them I’m fine. All the noise and so much talking sure exhausted me little by little. By the time I got out of the bar, I feel energized again and decided to go somewhere else after that. I had to admit, it was kind of fun too but I’m not used to that… yet.

Well, here are some of the benefits of being an introvert:

  • You always feel energized.
  • You tend to feel relaxed.
  • You get to keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • You get to gather lots of ideas and inspirations (something that is best enjoyed alone).
  • You can let yourself get distracted by means of curiosity and discovery, not by your friend’s attention.
  • You get to avoid conversations, especially if you don’t like talking too much.
  • You have your own time to do all the things you want.
  • You get to focus on your own activities and/or your work without too much stimulation.
  • Your imagination works best when you’re alone.
  • You tend to be careful with your words and actions.
  • You get to observe first before you get yourself involved.
  • You get to enjoy your privacy as much as you can, especially if you’re popular among your peers.
  • You get to have your personal space.

Just so you know, being introvert doesn’t mean that I’m always alone. True, I’ve been a loner most of the time, but I get to spend time with my friends whenever possible though rare. Even extremely happy people can be introverts as well.


A postscript from my recent TWATKcox Tumblr post:

I’m comfortable being with no one but myself (at times, at the company of a small group of familiar people). I simply want to spend some time alone, hanging out with no one but myself, and do everything interesting myself. Nothing strange, nothing against people. It’s understandable that some people can only enjoy things their way and without being bothered by others.

―From How I Feel About Being An Introvert, TWATKcox Tumblr Edition


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