You, As Yourself (A Matter Of Identity)

For my 75th post, I’m going to discuss everything about being yourself in order to stand out from the rest. Now, why is it necessary to be yourself anyway?


Identity. It’s something that we all have, and we always have. Without it, we are nothing. We all have our own identities, some people have distinct abilities that others don’t have. At times, they feel quite inferior to others, just because they don’t have that ability. And that’s how insecurity is born.

Nowadays, people are trying hard to be the person they look up to. They’re working hard for it, though they can never be the exact copy of a person. Abilities, yes. Looks, probably. But certainly not the biological body of that person, unless they wanted to be a clone.

So let me remind you of this one simple lesson: Be yourself. Simple as it is, it teaches you to be content with what you have. But of course, some people failed to realize that until they know the (painful) truth sooner or later.

Being Yourself Is Being Different

This is a misconception that if you’re not like the rest, then you’re not part of the group. They sure have expectations, but they cannot force you into following their trend. It’s a choice.

Well, there’s no problem in being different from the rest. However, it seems like someone’s pressuring you to do the same, no matter how dreaded it is. They wanted you to be like them. You follow what your heart desires.

If you fear that you’ll be out of place just because you’re different, then you’re not alone. I’m sure there are a lot of misfits out there, and they’re in the same tough situation as yours. You need not worry about it.

Identity Crisis

We all change, so finding your very own identity is looking for the right fit. Your mind is in a state of confusion so you keep trying a lot of things to see which one suits you best.

There are a lot of options. Know your abilities. Explore a lot of things. Try to learn new things. All these should help you cope with this confusion and transition to the next stage.

What It Takes To Be Unique

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

—Cecil Beaton

Again, be yourself and follow what your heart desires. It’s simple as that.

Not all people are created equal. Each of them has their own abilities, and some of them can have the same ability though the only difference is in the level. They can all differ in the way of thinking as well.

The way you act, the way you dress, the way you speak… all these define who you really are. Nothing special, it’s just that all of us are meant to be unique. You wouldn’t want to live in a world of clones, would you?

Happy Being Yourself

Wouldn’t it be nice if you live your life according to your choices and expectations?

Yes, you can never be that person, but you can always inspire others (and certainly not meant to be copied). It’s up for them to look up to you or to ridicule you for whatever abilities you possess.

Really, do we need to copy other people just so we can fulfill our ultimate desire to be like that person? Why don’t you create your own version then? At least you wouldn’t have to confuse others and it gives you a chance to focus on your life, the way you want it.

You, As Yourself (In A World Of Wannabes)

While the rest of the people want to be someone else, you can either do the same thing or go on and pursue your own desires as yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s fun to be yourself:

  • You have your choices and you can follow your heart without anyone telling you. Suggestions are suggestions, but it depends on you whether you’ll take it or leave it.
  • You get to follow your own preferences too, just like the one above.
  • You’re being honest about yourself. Remember, you can never impress anyone if you’re trying to make things up.
  • You learn to accept who you really are and appreciate what you have. It’s about being contentment.
  • You’re being realistic, and not being an illusionist.
  • You’re the only one who knows anything about yourself and not someone else.

Here are some reminders about being yourself:

  • Maybe you’re trying to follow your own sense of style, but remember to keep your mind open to new ideas and suggestions. There’s no harm in trying.
  • At times, you need to go with the flow at least once in your life. Maybe that movie’s not your type but your friends wanted to watch it, then you must go along with them. It sounds like a compromise, but it’s more of spending time and having fun with your friends.
  • Respect other people’s preferences. If someone happens to wear something unusual and said that it’s the usual thing he/she does, then it’s understandable that he/she’s being himself/herself. Be nice and learn to acknowledge other’s value as much as your own.

Well, being ordinary is fine… but being yourself is fun!

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