A Breezy Sophomore Year (Timeline College Series #5)

Coming from a nice summer break, I knew a lot of great things will happen next.

After a nice summer break at the beach and having my camera phone, I’m very much excited to see my classmates by the start of this semester. Though it’s pretty much the same as last year, there are a lot of new and fun things. There’s picture taking, blogging, writing, sound tripping, and discovering new things. And of course, the usual book hunting.

What makes it interesting? Well, for starters, I need not go out just to surf the net, download various files, and post another article on my former blog. Yes, we finally had our own internet connection though it’s a plug-it prepaid device (we switched to broadband months later). And then I joined Facebook, somehow abandoning my existing Friendster account at that time (with little updates). And ever since I got myself a cheap portable media player (not totally cheap in this case, for about a thousand bucks), with e-book reader and games, I was getting more ecstatic since I can finally enjoy listening to my favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

So there goes the habit of walking to and from school, despite having a huge allowance. The fun of watching prime time anime shows as well as its re-runs on weekends. The joy of frequenting book stores inside shopping malls for any interesting books and magazines. And the time I spent in front of the computer writing articles and stories, for as much as I can.


By the way, nothing beats the fun I had at school. So with a lot of activities including the annual team building, table tennis, and darts for Physical Education classes, class reports for various subjects, story reading and understanding the plot… these are starting to exhaust me a bit, but not too exhausted for anything else.

But there are times that I need to take consequences for being a notorious late comer. Monday mornings (exactly at eight in the morning) are for flag ceremonies, and unfortunately, one of my subjects are scheduled after that. I came in late twice and for that, they took my ID and I have to spend the entire Thursday morning doing community service inside the campus. I was able to get my ID back and luckily, I never made the same mistake again.

Now, what happens next? Well, there’s something more interesting coming up in the next post.