Celebrating The Yuletide Season: Then And Now

It’s Christmas time once again! And of course, I know you can’t wait to give and receive gifts, visit relatives, have a feast and greet each other “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”.

To celebrate Christmas in a very festive mood, it’s still popular as of now. But of course, there seems to be a difference when it comes to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, then and now.

Christmas Then…

The houses are decorated with lovely Christmas decorations, and the streets are lighted with colorful Christmas lights. People go to church for the night mass called Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi, nine days prior to Christmas Day. The Christmas spirit come alive with all the caroling and celebrating. It is also the best time for a family-relative get-together/reunion.

The heartwarming exchange of presents and the wonderful surprise it brings when opening the wrapper even makes it more fun and memorable. And don’t forget the written greeting as well!

Sure, nothing beats the lively celebration during the holidays. But I believe that was then…

Christmas Now…

Three reasons why some people are saving up for the holidays:

  1. To buy presents.
  2. To buy some Christmas decorations.
  3. To buy some food for the grand feast.

It seems like high commodity prices, as well as practicality, are the primary reasons why some people tend to celebrate Christmas in a simpler manner. For the same reason, they focus more on food and presents, and less on decorations. Though the Christmas tradition remains, there are some changes.

Gone were the days of colorful lighted streets in the neighborhood (except for a few houses), and there are no more Christmas decorations in front porches or doors. Christmas celebrations became simpler as before, as long as families and relatives remain together during this occasion.

But then, a lot of establishments, especially malls, have grand Christmas decorations. At times, there are fireworks and events to add more fun to the holiday season.

Nowadays, Christmas is all about bringing the families and relatives closer together. The decorations, presents, and feasts don’t matter, as long as we spread love and cheer during the Yuletide season.


By the way, does anyone realize that Christmas is actually Christ’s birthday? We may be busy thinking about other things, but don’t forget that He makes it all possible, for us to live and to love life. So let us remember Him on this special day. (Yes, did I copy the “He makes it all possible” line from my previous holiday article.)

From Manila, Keihancarl and The World According To KCOX wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the Yuletide season bring you joy, love, hope, and prosperity for the upcoming year ahead!