#Throwback: Year 2014

Another year had passed… and now, it’s time to say goodbye to 2014. In a few days, another year will begin.

In this year-end post, we’ll highlight some of the notable articles posted within this year.

Something… Jittery

This article is all about nervousness… and yes, that tells exactly what I’m nervous about. Fear of humiliation, blood and needles, unattended matters and the like, these things makes my heart skip and lose focus.

50 Facts About KCOX: The Golden List

In observance of this blog’s 50th post (I somehow managed to get this far), I prepare a list of facts that best determine who I really am. This covers my interests, characteristics and qualities, certain dislikes, and anything related to me.


Yes, some of the posts include certain obsessions in life and why I’m into that kind of thing. Basically, this is more of interests and hobbies that I liked best.

Though I’m not done with this series yet, I’m going to include a few articles for this year-end post.

Writing || Tea || Sweet Treats || Weird Fashion || Food || Anime/Manga

Ideas Coming From Me, Keihancarl

Basically, ideas come from inspirations. Inspirations come from experience. So in order to gather these ideas, I need to do anything in order to get my mind worked up and start a concept (mainly stories and articles). But then, you’ll need to pack some determination if you’re really serious about going places while brainstorming new ideas for writing a story or article (or anything you’re into).

A Certified Commoner

More of a self-expression post, this is more of a personal tale about being a commoner and how lonely it is about not being noticed. But then, I don’t mind being a commoner anyway. Why I feel compelled doing this post is a question I’ve yet to answer, only I don’t feel like answering it.

Dying To End It All [E]

This post tackles issues such as depression and suicide. It is meant to raise awareness such as seeking help when having emotional burdens in life, as well as reminding people how valuable life is.

Photography Without A Photographer

In a world where smartphones with cameras matter, you’ll definitely need a tool to aid you in doing self-photography. Yes, the monopod is a pretty handy tool as described in the article. There’s also a guide in using the monopod as well, though that might vary.

Criticizing Rude Behavior In Public [E]

I can’t help being temperamental at times, but I even get more temperamental whenever I encounter such rude behaviors in public (though controlled). Anyway, I exposed such rude behaviors in this post that should not be tolerated by anyone, especially in public.

The Benefits Of Being A Loner (Without A Group) [t]

Initially a Tumblr exclusive post, I decided to publish it in this WordPress blog as well since it’s best suited for this site. Anyways, this post is about the perks and benefits of being alone and how I managed to be optimistic about being a loner while others consider this as a lonely approach to living.

Specs For A Thought

For more than ten years, I’ve been wearing glasses since I had a poor eyesight, and it seems like I’m more comfortable with it as time passes. Anyway, here’s something about the fascination with eye wear and all that stuff, and how my graphical representations (avatars) and illustrations/drawings are influenced by this.

Friendship And Memories: The Story Of A Transferee [L+A]

Possibly a literary-article combo, this is all about the painful reality of a forgotten friendship and how moving away from one place to another (well, switching schools in this case) affects it.

Being An Introvert

Yes, I had to admit, being an introvert is really fun. Well, this should explain what being an introvert is, and why there’s a need to understand them. Of course, there are good reasons why an introvert should be proud of who he/she is.

You, As Yourself (A Matter Of Identity)

For TWATKcox’s 75th post special, this article is about being yourself, and not being anybody else. Knowing your own abilities and finding your own identity is the key to being yourself. And yes, you get to follow your own trend without anyone pressuring you to be one of them.

Next year sure looks promising for this site. TWATKcox is approaching two years old soon, and I have a lot more to share and express to the whole world. Watch out for new posts and articles, and watch out for the second anniversary post as well.

From Keihancarl here in Manila, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!