The Indie Film And A Stormy Tragedy (Timeline College Series #6)

Second-year in college, the second half of the first semester. Anything better than this? It’s about to unfold.

Since I bought that red hoodie jacket, I feel like wearing it anytime I want. It’s like an extension of my school uniform, and an extension of my outfit of choice. It was perfect, I tend to look a bit smarter at times.

Realizing it’s September already, there are a few more reasons to enjoy this semester. Well, there’s a stage play we need to watch (as well as writing a reaction paper about it), a few more reports for various subjects, school projects… and of course, doing a short indie film relating to the importance of a widely used coin. Yes, the one peso coin, hence it was titled “Piso”, and I did various roles on that short indie film too.

That was also the time when I began writing a novella entitled “Season Of Darkness”, and it was kind of morbid too. I don’t know how I managed to finished writing that one, I even printed the entire story to put in my clear folder later. Until now, I still have both the soft copy and the hard copy (which is now stored in my orange clear book and stored somewhere inside my room). I’m planning to rewrite the entire story in the future.


Nearing the end of September, a devastating storm hit the country and almost entire Metro Manila (and some of the provinces) was flooded. Typhoon Ketsana (locally named as Ondoy) let out an intense rainfall, which is one of the highest in history, causing widespread flooding, loss of lives, and damages to houses, establishments, and infrastructures. There’s no electricity in some places as well.

The intense rainfall began right after our class, around 10:00 in the morning. Some of us had a hard time going home, as some roads are flooded. Though my house is nearby, I made a bad decision of going somewhere thinking that I would be able to make it through the flood. Unfortunately, the flood water’s already knee deep and I’m not going to risk myself getting wet and my shoes getting ruined so I decided to go home.

And yes, even our house is not spared from the flood, though it’s just the basement (where the kitchen is) which was knee deep. The computer’s system unit, which is on the floor, is now placed on the chair. I’m starting to worry that the flood might reach higher than that and submerge the basement, but then there are only light rains until late in the evening and the flood somehow subsided. The next day, the weather became bright and sunny, like it was already back to normal.


The indie film shoot continued, and that was the time I made a few (notable) appearances in the film. I’m a bit comfortable about gender switch (cross dressing) and putting make-up and wig, but not the daring role of a delinquent in a red hoodie. And I also appeared in a suspense-comedy-like scene wherein we reminded some parent (portrayed by my older classmate) about child abuse. The rest are just cameos.

We did our shoot in different places, including our campus and a nearby church. Some scenes are pretty fun, some are pretty daring, at times something inappropriate (I think). Anyway, we enjoyed doing this shoot.

Going 19 is just another year in my life, nothing special. And since I rarely invited anyone to my house, the thought of inviting almost the entire class for a birthday celebration really is a surprise. Even my family is surprised too, but luckily I informed them ahead that the entire batch is coming so no worries.

So the election is next year and we are encouraged to register and vote. Of course, I did register but it took me almost half-day for the registration process since I came in a few days before the deadline. Now I know the value of registering early to avoid inconvenience, yet I somehow managed to do it in time, since I need to return to school at around 6 PM for my next class.

And that ends the first semester of second-year college. So from indie film to stage play, I actually had the ability to act, yet a little amateurish. About the stage play (and more upcoming activities and events), that will be featured next post.