More Fun, More Activities: Part One (Timeline College Series #7)

Off to second-year, second semester. I believe a lot of great things will happen.

I feel weird right by the beginning of this year’s second semester. But then, it was shrugged off by an announcement that we’ll be producing our own stage play. Yes, our very own stage play. And it’s going to be real exhausting too.

We decided on an adaptation of “Wicked”, with a different title. Prior to that, we had a hard time deciding between an original creation or an adaptation of a popular stage play/movie (we almost decided on Moulin Rouge, but was scrapped in favor of Wicked).


What I remember exactly about the whole process is that there’s an audition where we’ll have to showcase our [somewhat hidden] talents. Since it’s a musical adaptation, we need talents who are good in acting (very important), singing (it’s a musical), and/or dancing (for some scenes). Whoever passes the audition will be a part of the cast. As for those who didn’t pass the audition, they will be a part of the production. In other words, everyone from our class (the entire English Major batch) had involvement in the stage play.

Of course, we also have a small acting workshop with an English Major alumni. How can we do a stage play if all of us have little knowledge about acting, right? Besides we have to take it very seriously since it’s not only the students and the alumni are watching, but also some of the faculty members and the parents of the actors/actresses/production staff. Besides, it’s an honor to be a part of it, even if it’s just for this semester. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to invite someone to watch the stage play.

Now, for the last part of the casting, the director will now decide who’s going to play the particular role. Well, I get to play the role of a cowardly lion and I believe that was a big challenge for me… with my voice, my script, my costume, my look, and everything. But somehow, I managed to do it.

I’m not sure, but it looks like we only practiced the theme (opening) song, as well as reviewing our script and making changes to it. For now, we’re not having acting rehearsals just yet.


Aside from the stage play, there were lots of interesting events too.

We did watch another stage play at the same mall, and I had the entire afternoon to myself. And we already ditched our prepaid plug-it for a broadband connection the following day. And that’s how I began spending at least an hour being online a day (for almost every day). We also have our very own English Major’s Christmas Party, and it was great, considering that it was the only Christmas party in my entire college life.

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and there are the usual feast and a visit to my mom to celebrate the day. Of course, there goes the traffic, making the roads even more congested than ever. As for the New Year, I believe that was the time we made a Graham cake on our own. Despite the fact that Graham crackers quickly run out in supermarkets and stores, we somehow make do with the sugar-sprinkled one.

Somehow, reading time becomes more fun when you read it aloud (but not too loud). A perfect example is when I finished a novel by James Howe’s “Eat Your Poison Dear” within a week (roughly about two or three days). Back then, I was a slow reader and would normally finish a book within a few weeks/months, sometimes over a year.

All right, I believe I should continue this some other time. That includes the actual day, the much-awaited stage play!