Obsessions: Drawing


A drawn representation of your imaginative self… With a pencil/pen and paper in hand, I feel like drawing anything.

Ever since I got fascinated with anime shows, I feel like drawing some of my favorite characters. Well, that began with an art activity, drawing your own body figure. I looked at some of my old photos, possibly looking for a perfect reference… a model. Yes, a younger self as my perfect model. And then I started drawing, and then I did some coloring… and it’s done. I got a good grade for that. Unfortunately, though, I can’t find that drawing as of this moment but I’m not giving up searching for it. For me, it’s a jewel… truly a work of art.

When I got my orange-brown planner, I started drawing some of my favorite Pokémon characters (Ash, Misty, Brock, and others) and some of my imaginative characters on these pages as well. It was first done in pencil and later traced using a standard ballpoint pen, something that I eventually abandoned the moment my drawing skills had improved. Though no longer on my planner, I still have them.

After graduating from high school, my passion for drawing continues. And yes, I keep drawing a lot of imaginative characters, which are now in my small black clear book. Even in college, I keep on drawing as well, and they’re now in my orange clear book (this is also where I keep my printed stories).

And then, I decided to buy myself a couple of sketch books, a pencil made for drawing (an HB pencil, more of a typical one with medium darkness), and a set of color pastels (paint tubes are expensive, so that will do for now). I’ve already done a few pastel art, one of them looked like an impromptu amateurish work of art that is done under 30 minutes.

Right now, I’m only into pencil and gel pen sketches. Who knows, I might do an oil/acrylic painting someday, but it is entirely different from sketches and drawings.


If your parents or relatives are artists or have artistic abilities, then chances are you have artistic abilities as well. In my case, my mom and my cousins have amazing artistic abilities. And much to my amazement, some of my mom’s relatives are artists, and their works of art are done perfectly. Though I might have inherited my artistic abilities from my mom, I still have a lot to learn especially if I wanted to be an artist.

Now, let me share my fascination with drawings. The perfect reason for this fascination is because of what I see in anime shows (and later graphic novels and manga), as well as people and their outfit. I thought that they look pretty awesome and that I wanted to see if I can replicate it through sketching. I have a lot of things in mind, something that is best drawn in order to see its visual interpretation. Turns out I can do it, though simple and at the spur of the moment thing.

I’m indeed a perfectionist and I make sure that whatever I draw, it will always meet my expectations. But I tend to be biased at times, if I find it good enough then it’s considered perfect (good as perfect, I must say). That’s the reason why I always keep my drawings, even if they look a bit awful.

For me, drawing isn’t just a hobby or an activity, but it’s an expression of your own visual interpretation. You don’t just draw anything for nothing. In that case, this is what I call an abstract scribbling or a childish scribbling.