More Fun, More Activities: Part Two (Timeline College Series #8)

With only two months before the stage play, I’m sure all of us know the meaning of time management. But then, we were able to make it through this very hectic semester.

So, rehearsals have just started. It’s like challenging your mind to remember every line you’re going to say in the actual stage play. Almost all of us artists are busy with memorizing our lines and acts. On one side, they’re practicing this particular scene in the stage play. On the other side, a different scene. And at times, a bit farther from the rest of us, some of the actors are doing some choreography for a few dance numbers in the stage play as well. I guess it’s very hard for the director (who also happens to be one of the main characters for the stage play) and his assistant to supervise two or three scenes/acts at the same time. It’s really time management for the entire cast. Very efficient.


In addition to the rehearsals, we also have a lot of activities as well.

Well, there’s the photo shoot, the catwalk, and the fine dining… as part of social arts class. Both the catwalk and the fine dining needs to be rehearsed, while the photo shoot needs to be planned. Our looks are also important in all aspects of refinement and fashion.

We also had a school tour in one of the major television networks (with a tour and a little seminar), and another acting workshop later in the afternoon. It didn’t turn out as interesting as expected, but it’s a school tour anyway. Hopefully, the next one would be more interesting.


Despite the hectic schedule due to rehearsals and other activities, I somehow find time to relax and enjoy life without having to worry about tomorrow. Hence, I spend time writing stories, as well as Facebook and Farmville (where I maintained a somewhat large farm named Carlville). At times, during rehearsal breaks, I also find time to read my favorite book.

Around that time, I feel like reinventing myself… at least through my hairstyle. But what I did was putting a lot of hair styling wax and styled it like a wolf’s, and that got me some attention. I don’t do this often, only when I feel like it.

And I bought myself an orange clear book since I find myself drawing and sketching a lot. Since then, that’s where I keep my drawings, printed literary works, and some important printouts (like the lyrics to the song “One Short Day” from the musical Wicked). I still have the clear book and it’s inside my room, and still in good condition.

Well, we really have fun in between rehearsals. While we’re not doing anything, some of my fellow casts were at the school corridor posing for what would I call as “The Wild Pictorial”, a pictorial of all sorts. Since I’m the photographer, I don’t appear in any of the photos… but hey, that was a fun moment indeed!


And now, going back to the stage play. It seems that I have a few problems regarding my costume but that was taken care of by the production staff. I initially tried to create my own costume, but I couldn’t finish it by myself. A classmate of mine asked me if I could rent a lion costume but I told him that would be expensive. Besides, I don’t know where I could rent that lion costume. It was eventually finished by some of the production staff assigned with props and costumes.

I believe that we had a couple of dress rehearsals, with the lights and sounds and all that. And with everything prepared (the tickets, the venue at the recital hall of a prestigious university, the props, and the others), we’re all set for the much awaited day… the day of the stage play.

All right! So for the next post, I’m going to highlight the stage play and what happened afterwards. Bet you wouldn’t believe how I felt after playing the role of a lion, I sure did.