Second Anniversary Post: How I Managed To Get This Far


Happy second anniversary, TWATKcox!

Yes, it’s already our second year in the online world. With over 80 posts and still counting, I’m so glad I managed to get this far. Imagine? 80 posts in 2 years? I know some of the posts are from my former blog The Kin Keihan Times, but then they deserve a repost and they’re now a part of this blog.

All right, since it’s our second year in the online world, let me share my experiences in the blogging world. I know you wanted to know how I managed to get this far, so it’s time to tell you everything about my blogging life.

When It All Began

June 24, 2008. It all began when I started blogging, through The Kin Keihan Times. Back then, I was a newbie in the world of blogging so I can only blog what’s on my mind. I somehow managed to maintain the site for almost five years, and my blogging and writing skills have improved through time.

Well, back when we don’t have an internet connection yet, I did write some drafts and saved it as a .txt or .doc file, and upload it to my blog (through copy-pasting the contents, from the document to the blog post). Nowadays, I wouldn’t have to do that. I might as well save myself a copy of every article written for my blog sites for the purpose of archiving the contents, should I feel like reading any of my articles without an internet connection.

In the first few years of my blogging life, I really don’t care much about viewership. After all, it’s all expression and inspiration. But then, these are nothing without anyone visiting your blog, sometimes you need to lure your viewers. In the end, does it really pay off, writing for nothing? Maybe, but I’m not satisfied. I really did become hungry for popularity, but… oh well, popularity is a social circus and nothing else. I need to remain humble.

Switching Blog Hosting Sites

Since Friendster announced that they’ll discontinue their social networking service as well as their blogging service back in 2011, I already knew that the original KKT blog site will be gone… forever. Prior to that, I already migrated to Blogger (I did re-post some of the articles on the short-lived Blogger site, which is now deleted), and later WordPress (now known as The Kin Keihan Times Archives, no longer updated and minimally maintained).

I thought of migrating to Tumblr as well but thought better of it. So I decided to create a spin-off blog called The World According To KCOX, which later become the name of my blog site I’m currently running as of this writing. It initially features my thoughts on upcoming and recent posts, as well as announcements.

Moving On…

January 26, 2013. The time has come to rebrand my blog into something more catchy, the KKT (as a name and as a blog site) already lost its appeal and I never did get any more views… I wanted to start over, and that means goodbye to my former blog.

Design work for my new blog took longer than expected due to my sense of perfectionism. I had a hard time choosing the right theme for my blog until I eventually decided on the Able theme. I also created my own header for my blog and my Facebook page. I believed that the header thing is a trial and error process since I keep creating and changing the headers until I finally created the perfect one for my new blog. That was settled, the blog’s ready for launch.

And that was that. Since then, I stick with that particular theme until switching to the current Hemingway theme, and I’m not going to redesign my blog for at least a year. The current header (three pictures and my own illustrated work) is my fourth header for this blog, and that perfectly matched the theme as well. It gives an impression that it was done professionally, though I did the design work myself. Everything on this blog site, I mean.

How I Feel About Blogging

Well, blogging is a mix of impression and expression. It is mainly written, but at times I can include certain media on my posts, such as an image or a video. It’s amazing how the people were given a chance to have their own personal site as well as maintaining them, and now I’m one of them. Basically, it’s all about spending time writing article posts and publishing it on my blog, and letting them read whatever content was posted on the blog site.

I know blogging can be a real challenge. Running out of creative ideas and writer’s block are my common problems, and sometimes I lack the motivation to finish the article I’m currently working on, leading to a lengthy delay before it gets published. Sharing the newly written article to my FB page as well as my FB account may help attract readers, but it seems like my blog’s audiences come from all over the world, with most of them coming from the US. Of course, my fellow Filipino bloggers/readers/viewers are my primary target. But then, I feel compelled to write my article posts in English since I’m used to it than my mother tongue (Filipino), which is quite unfortunate on my part. I’m an English Major graduate, so I hope you’ll understand.

There were likes and followers on my blog, but I admit that my blog’s development is pretty slow. Anyway, I’m not after popularity and I didn’t start blogging just to be popular, but I started blogging in order to express myself through words.

Blogging is more than just a hobby. In fact, it’s a career. And at times, it can make you famous!

Seven Years… And Still Counting

A blogger since 2008, it’s surprising how I get this far despite not getting noticed at first. It’s tough to attract viewers with only your Friendster/Facebook account as your only way to advertise your blog. Well, TWATKcox may only be two years old as of this writing, but it’s the improved content that attracts viewers/readers. I’m starting to get likes and views, and they started following my blog. Like I said earlier, it’s a slow development at first, but at least I’m getting noticed. I don’t aim for popularity, but I aim to reach everyone through my article posts.

Seven years! How time flies! I believe I’m gonna celebrate my tenth year in the blogging world, by the year 2018.


To express and to inform… that’s what my blog is all about. And yes, I still adhere to this philosophy. I spent almost five years with KKT and another two years with TWATKcox, and I still apply the same rule. No need for popularity, it’s the content that counts.

Happy second anniversary to us, and may this year bring us more ideas and concepts for the upcoming posts!