The Stage Play And The Start Of Another Summer (Timeline College Series #9)

March 19, 2010. It’s our moment on stage.

A few preparations were done prior to the actual day of the stage play. There was a dress rehearsal, the stage setup, and a few more reminders (which is more of an orientation). Since we’re all set, we’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver a spectacular performance.


The 2-show stage play is held at the UP Aldaba Hall. And yes, it’s only a few hours before the start of the first of two shows, and I’m going to face the audience! I have to do my best. After all, it is our moment in stage!

On the way, some of the cast were already putting makeup and all that, and in my case, my face was painted orange and black (using poster paint, I think). Upon reaching the venue, there were last minute preparations.

So here I was, waiting at the backstage. I was kind of anticipating that their eyes are on me, so I need to make sure that I deliver my lines carefully and clearly. Good thing I was able to do it just right. Being on the stage facing the audience can be a little frightening, especially if you’re not used to performing in front of others.

After two successful shows, we received a lot of praises from the audiences, and there were lots of picture taking with us casts. It was an exhausting day for us, and it feels great to be on stage, at least for a day.


There were a few things I learned from theater arts. Performing on stage is entirely different from performing in front of a camera. In a theater/stage play, there’s no such thing as “take two” or “cut” so you need to act and deliver your lines carefully. Improvise if you have to. If ever you make a slight mistake, then act as if it is a part of the script. Every act should be larger than life. And most importantly, make sure that you connect to your audience and not just acting right in front of them.

Sometimes, I think acting on stage is more difficult than acting in front of the camera. But then, it is what I call experience. And if you can manage to act your way through a very successful production, then you might enjoy what you’re doing.


Summer is fast approaching. With a few books I finished, I’m sure that I’m looking forward to a brighter day ahead. But then, that was the time I started worrying about failing in one of the major subjects, and it is kind of depressing too. Luckily, I passed… and hopefully, there won’t be another repeat of this worrisome episode.

So much discovery for this summer. From books to movies. From music to fashion… and a lot more. I always remember sitting in front of the computer screen and watching movies, as well as listening to a wide variety of smooth jazz recently discovered (and previously heard on radio). And yes, I finally finished my first novella after eight months… but of course, that was only available through my old blog. It was pretty hardcore too.

I’m already halfway through finishing college, and there are a lot more things to happen. Soon!