The Other Side Of Me [E]

Split personality or alter ego? Seriously?

Let me introduce myself. Yes, I am known as Keihancarl Oikou Xiaucham… but in real life, I am Carl (refer to the About section for my full name, though). I’m aged 24 as of this writing, and I can be either nice or not…


I was normally called Carl by almost everyone. I’m a simple guy living a fairly boring life. A very shy person, I tend to stammer and feel disoriented when talking to someone. I tend to get awkward at times, and I’m not that confident. But I’m careful with my words and actions.

Being Keihancarl, I’m an unusual guy wearing unusual but fashionable outfits (like coats, fingerless gloves and the like) and somehow feeling a little confident. Sometimes, I even lower my cap or sun visor when I feel like concealing myself to the public. However, there are instances when I feel cranky and/or impatient since I’m always in a hurry and I have very high expectations too.

I don’t know if these characteristics seem pretty accurate, but here’s something you need to know about me and my alter ego: Carl is often nice and quiet, but Keihancarl is often aggressive (either assertive or unfriendly) and at times temperamental.


Some say that having a split personality is like having a mental disorder, but I disagree. Of course, you can never be the same person in all different situations. You need to adjust your personality according to the situation. And yes, you need to be careful in how you project yourself, especially when you’re popular.

So you’re usually a shy person but you don’t want to be identified as that kind of person? Then invent yourself. This may sound pretentious, but it’s better than not being able to express yourself without shedding off your unwanted characteristics.

What it means to be distinct from your usual self? Well, I always value privacy and I don’t want to be identified at times so I need to do something in order to enjoy life and conceal my true identity at the same time. It’s like you need to dress up like someone else without being a copycat. Be distinct, be different, be unusual.

In the end, you need to tell them about your real self, as a way of identifying yourself properly without anyone guessing who you really are. And speaking of identifying your true self, aren’t they doing this in some fiction works, like in the case of superheroes? True, but I’m not a superhero, nor a fictional character… I’m just an ordinary person.


So, who am I? Really?

Can you really tell if I’m Carl or Keihancarl by the way I look and act? If you know me very well, I guess you can. It doesn’t matter though, I’m both Carl and Keihancarl no matter what you think about me.