What It Means To Be Superior? [E]

Sometimes, the only way for people to take you seriously is to be above them at all times. You act as if you’re the boss, somewhat cranky and imposing.

Really, I did this a lot of times, yet I tried my best not to be atrocious. Just show them who’s above who, and you feel a little stronger. Couple that with knitting the brows, and you made yourself the imposing person everybody fears.


What makes me feel superior? I mean, I’m no leader or the executive. So what makes me feel like I’m above others?

First of all, you tend to criticize someone higher than you for being inferior. Like, my old man is being inferior just because he doesn’t know responsibility despite the fact that he’s supposed to take over most of the duties in the house since mom left. He’s still the same, inferior old man like before. He may be telling us about such reminders, yet he’s the one who keeps forgetting it. And now, he was forgetting things lately due to old age. And so, that makes me want to take over his role since he doesn’t know how to run a house after all.

Second, you feel like you’re being a pushover… doing some task that was meant to be done by someone else. It’s like they keep on giving you their tasks, just because you’re the youngest. So you ended up doing almost all of the tasks than the older ones. Unfair, isn’t it? But I’m powerless. I need to get back at them too.

Third, you want them to take you seriously, whether you’re the leader of a group or not. Maybe it’s all about the power, but there’s more to it than that.

Lastly, you want your peers to respect you. Of course, if you’re a victim of annoyances and attacks, you certainly wouldn’t want to be intimidated and instead, you want to intimidate them so that they wouldn’t do the same thing again.


Sigh… Let me say this: Being superior to others is a self-proclamation and not a title they can call you. Sorry, but not everyone is going to be pleased with this attitude as if you want to take over a town and be a leader. And yes, you can be a superior person by your own means but certainly not because they want you to [in a friendly manner]. It’s simply a product of your own frustration.