Once Upon A Dreamy Summer

April comes, and here goes the hot and dry season!

Technically, we only have the rainy season and the dry season as I’m living in a tropical country. Summer, so they say, is only for countries with four seasons. But then, I’m using it just the same.

Well, the hot weather makes it all enjoyable and fun. So what is summer all about?


Back when I was a student, this is the time when I get to enjoy my ultimate break after an exhausting school year. Relax, enjoy, rest. It was a real treat… you get to enjoy what you want to do.

I’m sure everybody is looking forward to a great summer vacation. Who wouldn’t want to go by the beach or by the pool for a swim? Or going places… more of traveling? The hot sunny day makes it perfect and ideal for these activities.

And now back to reality. With a lot of attractions to visit this summer, why not take a moment to go somewhere, at least for once? Or maybe you can plan your dream vacation and leave all the stress behind. Discover something new. Focus on your favorite hobby. Explore. Learn. And make it memorable.


A few months leading to April is the best time to think of your ultimate vacation. Well, it’s already April, and the moment you start experiencing the intensely hot weather and the warm breeze in the afternoon, it makes you feel extremely happy and relaxed.

Now that I think of it, there are lots and lots of memories… all of them within the 12 year period. The most memorable ones are the earlier ones, and they keep influencing my recent summer experiences. That RPG I’m playing ten [or more] years ago, the smooth jazz station I listen to nine years ago, the drawings from about eight years ago, the impressive lounge music and that memorable summer trip from seven years ago, the inspiring book of poems from six years ago, more smooth music and movies from five years ago, the initial escapade of mall hopping from four years ago… everything is recorded in this life journal we call memories.

Remember, the best summer memories are the ones you enjoyed the most. Have fun!

Oh, and a throwback post back from the KKT days. The post’s title is “Summertime…”, dated January 2010. I omitted the last paragraph.

I’m always looking forward to a better summer… always bright and sunny, everything breezy, and more of a relaxing break. Just doing the things that you want, without the stress. Plus, there’ll always be a chance of visiting cool places.

Summer’s not complete without refreshment. It’s absolutely hot on a summer day that you’ll need to refresh yourself with a drink, ice cream or whatever you have (as long as it really cools you). Chill out and stay cool.

Summer is the time where you can do anything to enjoy yourself, whether it’s swimming on the beach or spending time indoors. I always used to watch interesting shows, reading books and magazines, writing blogs and articles, listening to relaxing music, and visiting malls and relative’s houses…