Obsessions: Sunny Days

The sun, so hot and bright… Pleases my heart’s delight

It makes me happy, oh so dearly… The sun shines my day pleasantly

―The Kin Keihan Times, The KKT Silver Post Special: His Life As The Sun And The Thunderstorm

A ray of sunshine makes me smile. And yes, it makes my day brighter.

All right, so this obsession is all about sunny days and how I liked it better than rainy days. Besides, seeing the sun shining gives a cheerful mood to everybody.


The sun is a pretty jolly fellow who makes the day more enjoyable. Aside from bringing light and warmth, as well as making every day brighter, the sun also helps in growing crops and plant, drying your laundry, giving power to your home and some establishments by means of solar energy… Pretty helpful, isn’t it?

Anyway, aside from these benefits, the sun makes everything possible. Outdoor activities are best done during sunny days. Try that with a rain or a storm.

I love going out during sunny days since there’s no need for me to carry extra gear. And whatever I walked on is free of mud and puddles, making every trip comfortable as ever. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting wet, except maybe if you’re sweating because of heat.

If you find yourself craving for something cool, there are a lot of options. Cold drinks, shaved ice desserts, ice cream, cold coffee, chocolate or tea drinks… anything that can cool you down from the intense heat is right on the corner. If you’re planning to chill down inside an air-conditioned establishment, that’s a better option too. Remember to do that when venturing outdoors during a hot sunny day.

For me, a sunny day gives me an impression that everything’s all right. A brighter, warmer atmosphere coupled with an amazing sight of my favorite place makes me smile.


How to enjoy a sunny day?

Light clothing, lots of water, sunblock, a cap or a parasol, and of course a cheerful smile… these are what you need for a great sunny day. Aside from enjoying a day outdoors, make sure that you are well protected from the harmful UV rays.

If you’re planning to go outdoors, then it’s best to do so in the morning and/or late afternoon. If you can’t avoid going out during midday, then bring an umbrella/parasol and try not to exhaust yourself or you’ll lose body fluids. Get hydrated on the way as well.

Finally, be updated with the latest news on the weather. The higher temperatures suggest that it’s too hot to go outside and you need to follow these tips in order to avoid heat stroke.

All right, enjoy a bright and sunny day everyone!