Obsessions: Red And Black

Red and black. My preferred color combination ever since I decided to be creative when it comes to outfits. Sure, I owned about a few red shirts and black pants (mainly slacks) and probably some accessories of these colors. I even have that color combinations for my blog site (TWATKcox-Tumblr) and anything like that.

The colors red and black suggests courage and formality, respectively. Other than these characteristics, I simply decided that these two colors always match one another, a very strong combination indeed.


Well, I’m not really particular when it comes to my favorite colors. But then, I see red as a fitting favorite color, partly because it is attractive. Of course, I knew that red symbolizes love and courage, that’s why I decided on making it my favorite color.

I tried pairing red with any other colors, but some of the color combinations looked ridiculous. Red and green means Christmas, red and blue are two bright colors and may not be pleasing to the eye, red and orange are incredibly alike, and so on. I tried wearing a red shirt with black slacks and it looks great, at least for me. So there!

I’m not into all-black at first, but I kind of like it in the end. And so, I’m pretty much into all-black outfit nowadays. At times, with red. I believe I’m gonna stick with these two colors for the rest of my life, and I’ll never get tired of it.


yahoo-05The wardrobe… this is where the excitement goes. Mixing and matching clothes, it’s my thing. But I always consider these two colors: red and black. One of these days, about 60% of my entire wardrobe will only consist of black and red clothing. Same thing goes for accessories, bags, and shoes.

All right, here are a couple of images (courtesy of my beloved Yahoo Avatars and Meez) to see what a black and red outfit looked like…

The first image (the man near the bridge) is created using Yahoo Avatars, and the second one (the man in front of the tall buildings, down below) is created using Meez.

Perhaps, the only thing that matters is how you present yourself in public, regardless of your desired outfit and your preferred color combination (or monotone). Confidence speaks for yourself and what you’re wearing.


Everything else, I owned such items which are black or red in color (well, it’s usually black). I want my accessories and items to compliment well with what I’m wearing.

Black means prestige, and most of the luxury items are of that color. But I’m just an ordinary guy from an ordinary family, but at times I look like extraordinary. Could the fascination of that color explains why I’m like that?

And since red is also my favorite color, I know how to pair it with the outfit I’m wearing. Like, a red scarf can compliment the black double-breasted coat by tying it to your wrist or wearing it around your neck. Or a pair of red socks (worn with black sneakers) behind my black slacks. The thought of it excites me, though I don’t know how they’ll react to what they’re going to see. Oh well…

In the future, I’m planning to paint my entire room (or a portion of it) with black and red, and most of my items are of these colors. That will take some time since I’m close to having my own room.


Well, that ends my talk about my obsession with red and black. It’s mostly about fashion but I added some other elements too. But really, do I need to add more? And oh, I’m planning to have red streaks on my (soon to be) spiky hair in the near future.