When Creativity Strikes

How to be creative?

Every person is creative. And when we say creative, we got more than just ideas and concepts… it’s something we actually do in the process. Like, altering your favorite dish with a few ingredients that you thought would compliment the dish well. Or add a few beads and embellishments to an otherwise plain boring shirt.

Creativity is a product of your own imagination, turning simple things into something special. In order to come up with a wonderful idea [that will later become a work of art/masterpiece], you need to get your imagination working.

Creative Cooking

We can always be creative when it comes to cooking, especially with the ingredients and the spices. Whatever you have in your fridge can be used for your own recipes, thus, imagination is at work. You simply throw in one or two ingredients (like vegetables normally not used in a particular dish) like they are a part of the recipe.

There are times when you need to substitute the expensive ingredients for cheaper ones, without compromising the flavor of the dish. Seasonings are sometimes used in place of these ingredients. But then, you can safely substitute the vegetables needed in that dish with the ones you like, for example substituting broccoli with green beans. The choice is up to you.

Keep this in mind: A real chef cooks from the heart, and not from a recipe (I read it from a book). The recipe is meant to be a guide, but there are no specific rules for cooking a dish. Again, it’s all up to you. We all have our own methods.

Creative Writing

All right, so writing is both a profession and an art. There are certain ways to write a story or an article creatively. You need to focus on what you’re writing and don’t forget to proofread it once you’re done. You can also inject humor or your own personal experiences in your writings.

Basically, all you need is an inspiration in order to come up with your intended topic. That way, you’ll have an idea of what your writing is all about.

Creative Art

You can never go wrong with art. I mean, whatever you draw can be considered creative for as long as it doesn’t look like a scribbled graffiti.

When it comes to art, I always did a lot of sketches and drawings, and at times focusing on my pastel art. (see Obsessions: Art). And what I did with color pastel and sketch pad turned out great, like it was really a work of art. It was kind of amateurish though, but certainly not bad for my first attempt. I need to work harder.

And A Whole Lot Of Creative Talent…

Singing, dancing, acting… these are all artistic talents that need creativity in order to deliver a spectacular performance. Needless to say, you can only do better when you’re creative… and gain the attention of the audience.

When Creativity Strikes…

There are times when you feel motivated by your own creativity. At times, it can make you feel restless.

What you see is what fuels you to do something creative. Whatever you have, you can make something out of it. That’s where your playful imagination goes, creating unique items or unique combinations that you never thought possible. More of resourcefulness, but it’s basically a product of your own imaginations and ideas.

So when creativity strikes, then strive to work on it. Who knows, your creative mind can make a beautiful work of art or a wonderful performance.