The Summer Series – Part One: 2003-2006

All right! It’s time to recount my past summer memories in a series of posts. It only comes once a year so I’m enjoying every bit of it, and as much as I can.

Where should I begin first? Of course, the year 2003 which I consider as a transitional summer. For me, that was the time I decided to start over after graduating from elementary and leaving my former school of six years.

This series only covers what I did during these two months: April and May. Any other month? The Timeline series has it. So let’s move on.

2003: Transition

Well, the best thing I remember about that summer is that… it came at an unfortunate moment. You see, my PC broke down and it took a few months for it to be fixed (it was an older PC, a surplus). In the meantime, there’s a visit to my cousin’s house just to play RPG games…

Nothing special, except for the remarkable school transfer moment and the time I started wearing glasses. So that really makes a good transition period, isn’t it?

2004: Cellphone And Late Night… TV

What about that? After visiting some of my classmate’s houses and spending a great time with them… plus having my first phone (only for a few months), I started watching a few Asian dramas. But what makes me get excited the most, is that Asian drama which was aired at around 10:45 PM (unusual time-slot at that time) and my eyes are glued to the screen. Oh wait, did I really stay up late, at that time? Wait till I reach college, that’s what I’m up to nowadays.

2005: The Most Wonderful Summer Of My Life

After that terrible school year with some devil classmate of mine, I finally got to relax inside my comfort zone… right at home. RPG games are my inescapable vice and I’m right in front of the computer screen for like two to three hours per session. I loved screen grabbing some interesting scenes and events and keeping them. I also listen to music while playing that game. That emotional love song while on a picture perfect, the pixelated place makes a great combination.

Aside from that, I get to visit a park (a watershed) somewhere nearby and nearing the end of that summer, I did help my relatives in clearing a lot. Even more interesting is watching a re-run of my favorite Asian drama, as well as an anime show. That summer is pure bliss, I guess.

2006: RPG, A Smooth Jazz Radio Station, Anime… And Writing

The follow-up to a great summer vacation, this time I’m listening to a smooth jazz station instead of listening to CDs like what I did that previous summer [2005]. What I’m playing is a poorly translated bootleg of a great RPG. It was great. It was mysterious. The screen grabbing habit continues.

This is the time when I started drawing some of my favorite anime characters and a few imaginary ones. And then there’s writing… practice writing I should say. Writer moment, I thought… that’s what I probably wanted to do in life after graduating from college. It’s difficult at first since I keep getting writer’s block. I was far too ambitious.

After clearing that lot, it’s building the house. I did help occasionally, though at times I prefer to stay at home. And then a few more anime shows and some TV programs… and riding the bicycle in the afternoon.

So there! That was the first part of the Summer Series. And yes, I decided to have short and concise summaries of my summer memories, four summer seasons at a time.

More to come on the next part of this series.