The Listening Room: Choice Of Music

The Listening Room series features music-related articles and my fascination with various genres of music such as contemporary and smooth jazz, easy listening, bossa nova and the like. And of course, radio and its issues.

All right, so the first in the TLR series is all about my choice of music and how I started listening to these songs. It may sound strange to you, but it takes a little appreciation to enjoy what I listen to. After all, we all have our own preferences and tastes when it comes to music.

You are what you listen to. For music lovers, their choice of music defines their lifestyle. It’s not about the genre or the lyrics or the melody… but it’s all about interpretation.

As a well-refined listener of the aforementioned genres of music above, I know how to choose great music very well. A few seconds of intro makes me want to listen to the entire track, and I loved listening to it over and over again by playing it on loop.

Back then, I didn’t mind listening to various songs playing on the radio. But as I grew up, I’m quite aware of what I listen to… anything too mainstream can be cheesy and anything novelty can be cheap, something you can live without. I don’t know, but by the time I started listening to smooth jazz and easy listening music on the radio, I feel relaxed and well-refined and I’m more comfortable listening to this format that I finally stop listening to mainstream (masa) radio stations for good.

The more I listened to these great songs on the radio, the more I want to have them for off-the-air listening. And that’s how I started discovering Lee Ritenour, George Duke, Basia, Lisa Stansfield, Spyro Gyra, and the like. They’re always a part of my playlist ever since.

Later on, I started listening to bossa nova, and that adds some local and international acts like Sitti Navarro, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, and much more into my growing list of favorite artists.

And then there’s lounge and chillout music, a nice compliment to my growing music playlist… and then new age… and expanding to include music from all over the world, mainly from Europe and Japan. And whatever easy listening songs I can include to compliment my music playlist as well, including Original Pilipino Music. And voila, a great collection of songs to listen to, just like your own personal radio station with a customized playlist suitable to your listening needs.

Anyway, I was just starting to see how long will this list go on. Besides, I couldn’t stop discovering new tunes, hence it keeps expanding. Sounds impulsive… but then, does it matter?