The Summer Series – Part Two: 2007-2010

Continuing The Summer Series, I’m going to feature the next four years of summer fun. Well, almost.

2007: Near Independence And Challenges

Definitely not a good summer year for me, but there are still a few great things to be thankful for. Anyway, let’s proceed.

A few personal/family problems make it nearly impossible for me to continue enjoying my great summer. I’m not going to divulge any details, but there’s a previously published article for that. Moving on, I know how to run the house, so… that makes me feel independent somehow. It’s the beginning of a painful (but positive) journey.

There are a few instances wherein I sneak out of the house to visit my mom without my dad’s knowledge. Why should I tell him where I’m going anyway? Well, I wanted to avoid any more arguments.

I usually find myself in front of the TV, either watching a telenovela or drawing on numerous bond papers and colored papers. I’m also in front of the computer, writing stories and playing RPGs. At times, I go out and head to the nearest internet café to check my Friendster account, uploading pictures (FS) and downloading all sorts of things. I also read and collect books, an impulsive habit I don’t do nowadays…

2008: Lounge Music And The Beach… Plus Upcoming College Life

So here I was, at home playing Midtown Madness and listening to some lounge music (not exactly lounge, but more of jazz and bossa nova combined). Does this mean I’m heading to the fun summer life?

The more I think of going to the beach on a summer day, the more I want to go there. And yes, it did happen. Despite the rainy weather in Manila the day before, our destination (Puerto Galera) remains sunny and hot. That makes a perfect summer vacation for me, and I’m more than ecstatic.

Going back to Manila, it’s about time I start heading for college. After the entrance exam and the enrollment process, I’m officially an English Major student. Now, isn’t that amazing?

2009: My Weird Summer Vacation… And My Fashion… And More

The first year in college, that was a fun start. The battery exam (see another previously published article for more details) is okay, more than average. I managed to pass. Somehow, it makes sense that I should be happy considering that I can continue to my second year in college.

All right… hang out with my classmates, discovering new literature (including a book of poems from a remarkable author) and swimming at the pool and at the beach. And of course, story writing for my former blog. And by the way, I started my habit of dressing nicely during enrollments and end-of-semester days. I’m more into layered clothing that time so there goes raiding the wardrobe for a nice mix-and-match, along with my black slacks.

My first camera phone is a slider one. Considering how cool it is, the lack of memory is my primary concern. I was able to take a lot of photos with it… including myself, and play a lot of mobile games with it as well. The term “selfie” is not yet in use. For music, there’s FM radio… but wouldn’t it be nice if I were able to store and play my own tunes on my phone?

2010: Movie Marathon, Discovering New Music, And My First Unpublished Novella

The second year college sure is one tough school year. Lots of activities, lots of pressure. And after a momentary period of depression, I’m back to my old self.

I continued blogging and writing the somewhat depressingly dark-themed novella with a morbid ending. I posted the finished novella as a PDF novel on my blog for a short time. I still went on with the usual habit of managing my blog and posting articles and new stories.

And since we had our own internet connection, I’m more into downloading music and movies, something to keep me entertained outside the usual habit of checking Facebook and e-mail, as well as playing RPG and puzzle games. I discovered some tunes, most of them are the ones played on a smooth jazz station. And about the movies? I’m more into classic films of the late 70’s and the 80’s, at times I’m into the more recent (and unusual) titles.

Nothing special, I guess. Enjoying light to heavy rain in the summer is the best thing to do since the rainy season is on its way anyway.

Watch out for the last part of this series soon… as I feature some interesting summer memories that include summer internship and my mall hopping escapades.