The Summer Series – Part Three: 2011-2014

Concluding The Summer Series… Well, how do I end this one?

2011: Intern Days

An academic training for real life, internship really helps in preparing students for the competitive white collar world. And yes, you’ll learn a lot from your experiences as well.

Spending that entire summer at a government agency (satellite branch), I recall a lot of interesting and funny moments with my co-trainees (my classmates) and some of the employees. I was assigned to the Records Department, where I organize, file, and retrieve requested documents. At times, I had a hard time looking up the necessary documents due to multiple names or some kind of confusion, but it’s fun. I also made friends with a group of psychology students (my schoolmates) and we all remain close ever since.

That summer, my mall hopping journey begins, though it’s just two malls (facing each other) at the northern terminus of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). From there, it will require at least two rides to my residence. I did this a few times, and I kind of enjoyed this secret escapade of my own. Oh, and I bought a couple of books from my favorite specialty bookstore and a pair of black fingerless gloves from these malls, so there.

2012: Graduation And More Mall Hopping Escapades

Student days are no more… and it finally happened on the highly anticipated day–college graduation.

After four years of being an English Major student, it’s about time I start relaxing a bit, right? Almost an entire afternoon of commencement exercise and a dinner at a mall in Makati… it all happened so fast I couldn’t believe that I already graduated. But the real pressure begins… when will I find a job?

But being a mall-hopper I was, I went on with this escapade and I never grew tired of it. As long as I get to leave the house for an afternoon of mall hopping, book hunting and riding the train… Wait, why am I doing this instead of job hunting?

And yes, I finished my second novella which had a lighter theme than my previous work. At least, I wouldn’t have to associate myself as a dark writer or something. Oh well…

2013: My Khaki Coat And A Lot Of Mall Hopping Escapades…

That summer didn’t start off great… but I still have an interesting story to tell.

The moment I bought that khaki coat, I feel like wearing it immediately. So I did wear the coat (with my black finger-less gloves I bought years ago) and went mall hopping, with a bunch of self-photography (I didn’t like the word selfie that much). And of course, visiting a milk tea restaurant for my bubble tea fix.

Nothing interesting happens, and everything went well, so I say.

2014: A Whole Lot Of Interesting Stories

I’ve been to a lot of places lately. And of course, the mall hopping continues…

Taking a lot of pictures using my smartphone seems like a great thing to do. Well, in my case, I don’t resort to taking selfie pics just to show where I’ve been. Of course, some summer centerpiece looks pretty attractive for my artistic eyes and they deserved a snapshot. And some works of art, blah blah blah…

The Magnum Gold moment? Of course, I also did that. And I took a lot of photos as well. It’s just me, and that [almost] gold colored chocolate covered ice cream bar with a well-designed stick. I only had an Instagram post of me with a Magnum Gold in hand… everything else remains in my vault, unreleased.

I’m also into pastel art. I actually made a few works of art in my sketch book, and one of them (I believe) is based off Gakuran-kun of Yume 2kki…

Well, that concludes the three-part Summer Series. While most of them are interesting, some of them are pretty ordinary. But then, what good is a summer day if you don’t feel like enjoying it? A good summer day or not, I find a lot of ways to make it fun and interesting. Are you doing the same thing too?

Enjoy every summer day as they only come once a year. Make the most out of every summer vacation and make a lot of memories too.