Already Halfway (Timeline College Series #10)

Third-year college, first semester. Just two years left! There’s a lot of exciting things for this semester, and a lot of activities too.


I find myself going to new places, aside from the three malls and a supermarket near our place (two major malls, one community mall, and a hypermarket). Well, I find it weird, but it’s a sign that I need to check out places I’ve never been in the past few years.

Going back, we finally get to have our classes in our new building, the one painted blue and yellow (named after our previous mayor). There were some activities too, like having a role play with our selected story (as part of literature class), demonstration (as part of reading comprehension class), photography (as part of journalism class), interpretative dance (as part of humanities/arts class), story writing and story telling (as part of creative writing class), and the annual team building.

Sundays off, I get to visit my mom almost every week, which is a great opportunity for a great bonding moment. Oh, and yes, I did some shopping as well… including a blue messenger bag and a black hoodie jacket (slightly larger than the red one I bought the previous year). Adding to the list, I also bought another MP3 player after the one I bought the previous year stopped working… possibly due to a defective battery.

I find myself drawing some random characters during breaks and idle moments. I always put my work inside the orange clear book, and I’ve got lots. Imagination at work indeed, but not during class…

I had the pleasure of performing with a group in humanities class, imitating some commercials for a class activity which includes an ice cream brand as well as a shampoo brand. And remember the school tour involving a major TV network? Well, there’s a part two… though it’s no longer part of a school tour. We then decided to be studio audiences for a Sunday night talk show. And I appeared on two episodes (both taped within a day).

Regarding the creative writing session (a writing activity)… we need to have secret code names, not revealing our true identities. We did a couple of drafts and I couldn’t exactly recall what happened to the one I was writing. It was an essay, describing ourselves (I think).

Well, some of the activities (the role play and the interpretative dance) happened later this semester. But of course, there are rehearsals, usually at my classmate’s house. Details regarding the rest of the activities to follow soon.