The Ideal All-Black Fashion / What’s Inside The Bag [Ax2]

Back then, I did feature two topics in a single post, most notably on my 11th post in the Kin Keihan Times as a special double article. I also have a couple of posts which features three topics but focuses on a single issue (like The Downside In Threes, where disadvantage is the key topic of that particular post). All the mentioned posts are just combined articles focusing on multiple topics. 

For the 101st post, I’m dealing with two separate full-length articles in a single post regarding my fascination for all-black fashion and the things I carry inside the bag. Consider it a double article special, hence the [Ax2] tag.

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The Ideal All-Black Fashion

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.”

Yohji Yamamoto

Black is mysterious. Hence, in the period of transition, people often wear black to hide from the society. And since I’m undergoing a stage of transition, I feel like wearing all-black whenever I go out. At least, when I feel like it. Also, since black symbolizes power and authority, I often appear to be serious while I wear all-black. That leaves a powerful impression that I need to be taken seriously at all times… just kidding!

It may sound a bit too dark, but an all-black outfit can be really nice too. From top to bottom, accessories included, I always feel good wearing all-black. I did this a lot of times, especially during the last few weeks in my previous job as a call center trainee (I’m wearing a black woolen coat and anything black that time, except for the bracelet). I don’t know if wearing all-black really helped me in reaching a decision I might regret, but right now I’m still enjoying the transition stage.


All right, let’s start with the clothing. Since I only had a few black shirts, I tend to wear them more than the rest of my clothes in the wardrobe. Some of them are from a few years back. And I only bought another black shirt a few months ago, an Attack on Titan shirt (with the cool kanji on the front). Whatever black shirt I had on my wardrobe, I wear them. Couple that with my black slacks from my college days or the black cotton pants. And since I’m on layered outfits, I can have a nice black hoodie jacket or a black coat (for the latter though, I only wear it during cold weather months, particularly during the Yuletide season).

As for the shoes, I always prefer black sneakers (at this point, I only owned a pair of gray slip-on shoes and the typical black dress shoes) and black socks. I might consider other colors for the socks, particularly gray or red, but it’s mostly black and nothing else.

For the accessories, there are a lot of choices too. For the headgear, I can choose between an Attack on Titan cap or a plain black sun visor. I prefer canvas belts over the leather ones. For the rest, it should be anything black–scarf, watch, bracelet, fingerless gloves… everything. As for my glasses, it’s just that the frame happens to be of dark color, close to black. Oh, and for the fun part–I can tie a black handkerchief/scarf on my right wrist (looking quite rebellious) or on the neck/collar (kind of feminine, but some guys did this as well).

So there you have it, An all-black outfit as an OOTD (outfit of the day)! Wear it and be confident.


Of course, I didn’t mean to cast negative vibes by going dark monotonous outfits. It’s expressing yourself through fashion. But, this might not be for everyone. Still, the all-black outfit makes a powerful, awesome OOTD.

What’s Inside The Bag?

You’d be wondering… what’s inside that guy’s bulky bag?

I admit, I always want to be prepared for everything. From simple grooming to boredom busters, I have it. And when it comes to emergencies, I always have a few things handy (like bandages, extra hand towel/handkerchief or cold tablets). I want everything to go smoothly, uninterrupted by the need to blow your nose without a tissue or carrying items [bought at a supermarket] without a shopping bag.

It takes great effort to fit everything into a small bag, and I know how to do it correctly. But it takes a few hassle to get something from the bottom of the bag, especially if there are other things stacked on top of it. Oh well, I carry on with it even if it’s kind of bulky and, at the same time, heavy.


So, what’s inside the bag?

  • An umbrella (though I always carry it with me at all times, I only use it during a rainfall)
  • Cologne and talc powder (common necessities, if you need to freshen up)
  • Alcohol or hand sanitizer (often used when I’m far from the washroom)
  • Vapor rub, liniment, a couple of bandages, and some OTC meds (in case of emergencies)
  • Mirror and comb (basically for styling purposes)
  • Wallet (containing large bills and some identification) and a coin purse
  • Emergency money (at the bag’s hidden compartment)
  • A couple of gadgets: a smartphone, a basic phone (which doubles as an MP3 player), a power bank (including the cable), and a 16GB flash drive (no idea why I’m bringing that all along)
  • A round foldable fan (a green one, with a drawing on it)
  • House keys (I always bring them along, in case none of the other people are at home when I come back from a tiring city travel)
  • Candies (I prefer Tic Tacs)
  • An extra pair of handkerchief and hand towel
  • A black microfiber cloth (for my glasses and the smartphone screen)
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • Eco-friendly shopping bag (in case I need to buy something)
  • A book (either a manga comic or a novel)
  • Monopod and a small tripod (for photography purposes)
  • A pair of pens (black and red)
  • A pair of black fingerless gloves (for fashion purposes)
  • Some brochures from milk tea, restaurant, and doughnut shops
  • Optional items: an MRT stored-value card (to be replaced soon with a contactless Beep card), lozenges (for itching throat), an extra pair of earphones, a small notebook, and an extra micro SD card (for music and pictures)


All right… Since I already listed out the things I have wherever I go, you might be wondering why I need to carry this much stuff. What’s inside the bag depends on the person’s lifestyle or need.

Too much, you say? I guess it is. But some of these can be of great use, especially during emergencies. Don’t say I carry such unnecessary items just to strain my shoulder, just say how well-prepared I was. As you can see, it pays to be prepared.