Act, Dance, Watch, Perform: The Class Activities And More (Timeline College Series #11)

All right, let’s continue.

A lot of activities soon follow (the ones I mentioned in the previous Timeline College post), and all of these keep us busy for the rest of the semester. That includes a few class activities, a stage play, and some presentations.


Let’s begin with the annual team building, which is my third [and second to the last] for the entire 4-year course. Since most of us third-years are this year’s officers for our organization (Group Of English Majors) and some of us become volunteers for the team building, the rest of us (me included) are the ones participating in the games and challenges. Everything went well, and I was (kind of) active throughout the event. It was fun.

We’re still rehearsing our lines for a class presentation, which is an adaptation of a chosen classic African literature. And while we’re at it, we decided to make and design our props to be used in the presentation. We did get to perform in front of the class after about three weeks, two weeks after the first group’s presentation. After that, we also have an interpretative dance (Humanities class) in which I need to lip sync and cross dress as the girl’s reflection. Oh well, that sure was a challenging role but I was able to pull up such a performance.

I remember that Slurpee moment before and after watching a stage play, this time at a mall in Monumento. While on the road, I saw an upcoming mall being built. I believe that mall opened a few months after… but anyway, the stage play comes first. Since two of my classmates are in the stage play, we need to support them. That was a good performance, which is all about Filipino music, I believe.

A couple of activities followed soon after. There was a project wherein we need to capture the face of reality using a camera and adding some caption to it. We did have a lot of snapshots, but one of them made a slight news–it was a photo featuring a headless student, caught on cam. Though my classmate did send the picture to a TV station (and was briefly featured in a teaser), there were some doubts about the pic as it was assumed to be edited.

For our Humanities class (again), we’re focusing on making food art using fruits. All right, that was an easy task. And finally, for the Creative Writing class, we’re focusing on an interpretative storytelling, complete with music. That ends the set of activities for this semester.

Of course, for my 20th birthday, I bought myself a book as a gift–a memoir by a child poet, Mattie Stepanek. Well, for the celebration, I only gave chocolate bars to my closest classmates, at a much later time. I was thinking, I might have upset the others. If only I bought enough chocolate bars for everyone in my class, then everybody will be happy. That was my mistake…


So a lot of things happened this semester. Expect a lot of fun moments in these last three semesters of my college life. And guess what, things are getting even more interesting as I moved on to the next semester.