Alone For Comfort: Just Being Myself

Isn’t it nice to spend a moment alone, doing the things you love?

It’s by being a loner that I achieve a greater sense of peace and relaxation. I often conceal myself with some strange outfits just to avoid being identified. Yes, I feel disoriented at times so maybe I need to hide from the crowd. But is it really uncomfortable for me to hang out with my close friends? Perhaps it is when I’m unprepared. Oh well…


The moment I wanted to spend some time alone, I wanted to go somewhere far from my house where I don’t encounter some familiar people. Of course, I always wear something unusual in order to conceal myself (thinking they might not recognize me wearing that strange outfit), as well as to stand out from the crowd.

All right, why spend time alone? What makes me say that being alone is the best moment I ever had? It all comes down to this:

  • I’m not into partying. I tend not to socialize too much and I don’t like talking too much.
  • Crowds make me feel restless and exhausted (as of an introvert… well, I am an introvert).
  • Being with a group of people means shelling out some cash (not to be selfish, but I hate it when people tell you about the times you’ve been with them even if they hated you so much… just to shell out some money and either buy a drink or treat them to a burger or anything).
  • I tend to avoid being asked too many questions. Just being asked how I was doing is fine though.
  • I’m a shy person and whenever I’m with someone, I tend to act a bit awkward.
  • I’m not restricted to doing the things I love… sightseeing, shopping, dining, and the like.
  • I’m used to being a loner, blame it on being rejected by some people from my childhood. I’m fine with it, at least there’s no peer pressure.


Being a loner is really sad and lonely… at least that’s what they say. For me, it’s simply being with yourself and nothing else. Besides, being a loner is as good as being with a group. It depends on how you’ll look at it.