A Very Ecstatic Semester (Timeline College Series #12)

Third-year college, second semester… Begin!

There were some interesting activities this semester, and I’m sure some of it is memorable. But we’re also doing a re-run of the stage play “Schiz Green” for the Theater Night (along with the senior class’ “Little Women”), and I don’t feel like reprising my role as a lion in the said re-run. But I did it anyway. We just memorized our lines and actions, and we’re off.

We had another tour, this time at another TV station and a newspaper company. Not only we get to tour the entire TV station, but we were also part of the studio audience for a morning show. It was fun. We then headed to a newspaper company and witness the process of newspaper publishing. The tour ends with a visit to the government weather agency for a short educational film about weather and the effects of drought and too much rainfall.

A few days later, we watched another stage play. It’s amazing how I manage to wear the same outfit I had on the school tour’s, the only difference is the dark blue shirt. Oh well… I did get to spend some time with myself and spend the entire afternoon at these two malls in the north.

Around this time, I was frequenting every book stores near my place, and I did buy a lot of books (mostly YA hardcovers). I’m so glad that I had bought some interesting titles, including Ned Vizzini’s “Be More Chill” (I haven’t read the book until now, but eventually). Well, that’s where the money goes… it was kind of impulsive.

This semester also includes helping out to the community, but it’s not NSTP. It is Public Relations and Community Integration, and it focuses on reaching out to the community through spreading awareness on issues concerning the general public and participating in community activities for the purpose of rehabilitation and research. We’re also dealing with Anglo-American Literature, Film and Literature (comparing the film and literary versions of a written work), Feature Writing (writing articles in a creative manner), TV and Radio Announcing, Office Procedures (more of preparation for the On The Job Training) and News Writing. And yes, there’s also Mythology, which is an academic program exclusive course.


So it appears that the MP3 player I bought months ago had battery problems. I kind of noticed that. Oh well, nothing lasts forever… thanks for the MP3-filled memories. I’m planning to buy another one soon…

Some of my classmates from Junior High School are having a reunion. Of course, I haven’t had a reunion featuring my classmates in years (except maybe for the BFF group), and they keep asking me to come. I decided to give in, despite the fact that I’m not feeling well that day (I had a persistent cough caused by phlegm, and I also had a sore throat which affects my voice temporarily). Everything went well, and this is the first time I ever see them after the high school graduation so I’m more than glad. Still, I feel a bit awkward… (blame it on my shyness).

Spending time in the province during the holiday season, and discovering a lot of great things (music, books, anime… anything) is what makes me happy during these times. And to think I’ll be able to live with it for the next few months, life is really that great. What happens next after that? Details on the next TCS post.