Obsessions: Video Games – Role Playing Games (RPG)

Back when I was in 6th grade, I always thought RPG games are much more enjoyable than any other games on my computer. And yes, these RPG games are the ones I played using video game emulators…


RPG, or Role Playing Game, is a game where a player assumes the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Usually, the plot involves achieving a goal, like saving a character from the bad guys (as well as saving the world) or winning the competition in an adventure-like manner (like some Pokémon RPGs).

And what else?

  • As much as I love RPGs, I also love the game’s plot and the desire to finish the entire game no matter how difficult it is to defeat the boss (usually a monster or an elite champion). Just seeing the credits makes me feel happy now that I made such accomplishment (in the game, of course).
  • Aside from being the game’s main hero (a protagonist), you get to interact with a lot of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and have a nice chat (more of reading what an NPC said, actually).
  • You also get to explore a lot of places and discovering a lot of things along the way, including finding your way out of the dungeon and getting to another town.
  • You can encounter lots of monsters too, just attack these creatures for experience (in order to level up and gain powerful abilities) and money, at times it can give you free items.
  • As for the characters, you can equip weapons and armor, as well as some items that can equip some moves that can help them outside of the battle.
  • A nice background music and the game’s graphics are a plus factor in an RPG game. These can enhance your RPG gaming experience. Oh, and I’m talking about old-school RPGs from Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to Game Boy Advance (GBA) RPG games, not the MMORPG ones and anything like that.


Well, I sort of think RPG games can be very extensive that you’ll need about a year or two in order to finish playing that game. Of course, hardware limitations make it impossible to feature a lot of towns and scenes just so you can enjoy the game as much as you want. Oh well, the longer you play the game without finding your way out, you feel like giving up.

By checking the game’s map, I know where I am (in the game)… and of course, I know how far it is before reaching the next town and/or reaching the end of the game. Not all RPG games have this feature, and why do I need to check the map anyway? My aim is to save the virtual world from evil and destruction, as well as being the reigning champ of the competition. Ever.


Some of the RPG games I played since 2002:

  • Pokémon RPGs – The Red version of this series is one of the first RPG games ever played on a video game emulator. Aside from the Red version, I’ve also played the Gold, Yellow, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, and Leaf Green versions. Personally, I like the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions better than the rest of the Pokémon RPGs.
  • Golden Sun (and its sequel The Lost Age) – One of my favorite RPG games ever played. Aside from a number of dramatic and funny cutscenes, I absolutely loved the game’s plot, the game’s graphics, and the background music as well. And why do I find Alex hilarious? Maybe it’s the long, blue hair? I actually mistook Alex for a… oh well, never mind.
  • Summon Night Series – The coolest RPG game I ever played, especially the dramatic Swordcraft Story II featuring Edge/Aera Colthearts. As for the first one, I liked Cleru/Pratty as much as his/her crazy antics. Both games give you a chance to have your own partner, [say,] like a mechanical robot, a beast child, or an oni (a yōkai/supernatural being from Japanese folklore).
  • Final Fantasy Series (4, 5 and 6) – I never get to finish these games until last year. Still, I had a hard time finishing FF6 due to such powerful espers later in the game. Among these, I personally like FF5 mainly because of Bartz Klauser and Lenna Charlotte Tycoon. I also like FF6 due to awesome (taller) character sprites, as well as that annoying (but funny) tentacled monster named Ultros and his crazy antics.
  • Dragon Warrior Monsters Series – When was the last time I played these games? I got bored halfway while playing these games and never finishing them, though the latter (Dragon Warrior Monsters 2) had some interesting scenes and the plot of saving the floating island from sinking… oh well, maybe I should reconsider playing that one again.
  • The Legend Of Zelda Series – It began with the SNES version of the game (A Link To The Past). I immediately loved playing this game as soon as I try it out. Afterwards, I was also lured into other Zelda RPGs (Link’s Awakening, Oracle Of Ages, and Oracle Of Seasons). It’s more of solving the puzzle, attacking the enemies (especially the boss) and exploring dungeons and places.
  • Keitai Denjū Telefang – I only get to play the knock-off English version, the bootleg misleadingly known as Pokémon Diamond (the legitimate version of Pokémon Diamond was finally released for the Nintendo DS). Anyway, it is poorly translated, contains lots of swear words, and has bugs and programming issues causing the game to crash. Its main goal is to collect a lot of monsters as well as getting their phone numbers. Like the title says, it’s more of using mobile phones in order to initiate a battle.
  • Harvest Moon Series – Before FarmVille, there’s Harvest Moon (also known as Story Of Seasons in some recent releases produced by XSEED/Marvelous USA, due to the game’s naming rights by Natsume). It is basically a farm-simulation RPG game focusing on taking care of your farm, raising livestock, and raising a family. I only played the GBC (Game Boy Color) versions of the game though, I lost interest in it just as I was about to play the GBA version of the game.