When Patience Is No Longer A Virtue… [E]

Traffic, long lines, waiting too long for a process to end… the result is absolute impatience and bad temper.

Let’s face it, not all of us are patient when it comes to waiting for such inconveniences to end and feel instant relief the moment things go back smoothly. As the saying goes, time is gold… precious, I must say. A minute lost is a moment wasted. Not that we wanted to rush things our way, but waiting at a time of inconvenience is absolutely ridiculous.


I have high expectations when it comes to services and traffic situations. I always make sure that everything goes smoothly as expected, though at times there is some inconvenience. Of course, a slight case of inconvenience is enough to make me rant about how terrible the situation is. Pardon for being rude in this case, but as you can see, I have high expectations. Do I have to repeat that again?

We’re living in a fast paced world where every second count. So we all tend to have high expectations, whether you need to get to your work/appointment on time and without a hassle, or you’re such in a hurry to have your food served to you at a given time. You just want them to give you consideration.

Fast [and reliable] service? Sure, everybody would love that. But when fast isn’t really fast enough, you might say that they’re misleading a lot of people into expecting a better and faster service (like courier service, telecom/internet service, etc.) and thinking that they’re using the word “fast” as a marketing strategy. A little slow is okay but too slow isn’t.

Long queues in counters (especially in supermarkets) is expected when there are a lot of customers/buyers. But to think that the reason for such long queues is problems with bar codes and not enough counters to serve a lot of customers, well this isn’t going to make them happy and would make them rant some complaints about the inconvenience. I experienced that a few times, and that makes me really impatient, even though I’m not in a real hurry (or maybe I am). I could have been considerate, but not at all times.


Why [the heck] are we being impatient anyway? What’s the rush? What’s the reason for ranting about slow service and a lot of inconveniences?

  • We have such high expectations when it comes to services and anything else (as explained earlier in this article)
  • Every second count (as mentioned earlier in this article)
  • We’re always in a hurry as if there’s an important event we couldn’t afford to miss
  • We want everything to go smoothly, without inconveniences and interruptions
  • We deserve a better service (like in the case of telecom/internet service)
  • We believe that a fast (and uninterrupted) service is good service
  • Making people wait for several minutes or hours for a short process is against the law of urgency and a waste of time
  • Life is too short for inconveniences

What happens when you lose patience?

  • You get irritable
  • You tend to get mad
  • You tend to glance at your watch every five to ten seconds, usually in front of the service crew/person behind the counter
  • You feel like ranting about how slow or how inconvenient it is
  • You tend to lash out at a service crew for being slow (hopefully, THAT mustn’t happen)
  • Your energy gets drained by simply waiting… waiting… and waiting…
  • You give up and leave the establishment (and the items to be paid at the counter)
  • You feel like telling the service crew, cashier or management to improve their service


Oh well, losing patience is inevitable, at least for those who didn’t understand the meaning of that word. But really, do we really have to lose our temper at the time of inconvenience? Well, it’s bad enough that slow services and inconveniences can ruin your mood (and ruin your day), but maybe you should try to be considerate and try to understand people who are working on counters, workstations, and servers. Even I am trying to do the same.