The Breezy Road To Summer (Timeline College Series #13)

2011 comes, and I still need a few things to do before summer break begins. But let’s begin with the New Year celebration.

At the beginning of that year, I did get to visit my mom in the morning and we went to my uncle’s house in the afternoon for the annual get together. In between these two events, I get to enjoy some fruits and a couple of donuts while watching an anime series on TV (I think it’s Hayate The Combat Butler). Seems like a pretty interesting day, don’t you think? But yeah, some establishments are closed on New Year so that’s all I can do.

A week later, we did have our OJT uniforms and we decided to wear them the next day. That was okay, except I didn’t know we’re not supposed to wear them just yet. Anyway, we never had any trouble wearing our OJT uniforms, ’nuff said. We have a few skits regarding work ethics focusing on employer-employee interactions (I think) for Office Procedures, and then I later catch up with my classmates later at the mall, where we watch a stage play performance at the mall’s atrium.

A lot of activities and paper works soon followed. There are a lot of movie and book reviews and comparisons, watching some video clips related to TV announcing, a few article and feature writing, and a lot more. But the highlight of this semester is preparing for the upcoming OJT, and community immersion for our public relations class where we took over as substitute teachers at a day care center. We also had our medical examination sometime in March, possibly in preparation for our OJT.

Lastly, we had our role play, this time for Anglo-American Literature class. We chose Frankenstein, and we worked hard for it, with props and everything (just like the previous role plays). And yes, this is the last time we’ll be doing this. Such a remarkable performance, that is. A few more paper works, and we’re off to vacation (and our OJT too).


All right, let me share some experiences during the community immersion.

At first, I was quite nervous about participating in a community immersion. You know how difficult it is for me to interact with people due to my shyness and lack of communication skills. And since our group will be substitute teachers at a day care center, we need to be considerate and patient with the children. At that time, I had a little sister too, and that really helped me understand the playful behavior of children.

The said community immersion activity happened on weekdays (on days where we don’t have classes), and our shift is from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN. Our goal is to complete the hours needed for the activity, as well as documenting our group’s progress and provide an individual reflection about it.

Regarding the short individual reflection about being one of the substitute teachers of a day care center, here is my account (taken from one of the saved document files I still have until now):

Having worked as a substitute teacher in a day care center, I have the idea of how the children learn; I teach them the basic lessons such as reading, writing and identifying shapes and colors. Through this experience, I was amazed at how the children tried to do their best despite the fact that it was difficult for them. With our help, they are able to write their names and some words properly. Also, they are able to pronounce every word that I read to them. Of course, I used to experience this, though some said that I was a fast learner and that I was given other things to keep myself amused. The children are finding ways to focus on the lessons or to amuse themselves. In the end, they knew what they had learned, although some didn’t take it too seriously (like they are having fun while learning).

In the end, everything went well and we did achieve our goal of serving the community through teaching the children with the basics such as reading, writing, and identifying shapes and colors. It is a job well done for us, and we learn a lot from this experience.


Time flies faster than I ever imagined. Am I enjoying too much? Oh well, there’s a lot more in the next TCS post. And yes, the next TCS post will focus on the start of my final year in college.