Cooking Is A Messy But Rewarding Business

Ever wonder what makes cooking a messy business? It’s probably stress. Or maybe the lack of space on the kitchen counter top. Maybe the ingredients?

It begins with shopping for the ingredients that require a lot of thinking, especially when you’re unprepared and you don’t plan your dinner right. I also consider the ingredients and the time needed to cook the planned dish.

As soon as you’re done shopping for dinner, all that’s left is cooking the dinner yourself. All right, prepare the ingredients and the utensils, and start cooking. But can you handle the task of cooking dinner with a messy workplace in the kitchen? Probably not, if you’re the stressful kind. There’s too much clutter as well… fruit and vegetable peelings, the used plates and saucers for ingredients (particularly sliced meat, vegetables, and spices), and some utensils. Seeing your kitchen in such a mess can make you feel tired, even if you haven’t done much work yet.

I had the habit of turning on the stove and sauteing onions and garlic while preparing the rest of the ingredients, which can be stressful. Oh well, old habits die hard. I just couldn’t stop doing it as if I was in a hurry and I feel like multitasking.

Suppose something could go wrong while in the process of cooking a meal… like burnt dinner or some common kitchen accidents. That would be terrible, but at times it’s inevitable. But of course, it’s something you can avoid if only you exercise caution.

At last, the dish is ready to serve! But wait, what about the mess in the kitchen? This is something I can take care of later but… oh well. There goes the cleaning process before I can finally eat.


A few tips for a stress-free cooking:

  1. Plan everything ahead… Yes, the dish you’re cooking. Prepare the list of ingredients you’re going to buy. Of course, don’t forget to check the pantry/kitchen to make sure that you have some supply of ingredients that you’ll need later.
  2. Prepare the ingredients first before cooking. The only time you’ll turn on the stove is when you’re done with the necessary preparations.
  3. Try to minimize the number of plates and saucers you use for the ingredients. Also, never put meat and vegetables on the same plate.
  4. Have a plastic bag ready for fruit and vegetable peelings, as well as for used packages and sachets.
  5. Focus on your cooking and don’t rush things in order for your dish to cook.

These tips can help you save yourself from this mess, and to save yourself from stress as well. When it comes to cooking, following these tips can make every cooking stress-free. You wouldn’t want to spoil your cooking with these unnecessary problems, would you?

Just imagine how messy cooking can be. But in the end, you get to enjoy what you cook.