Halloween, According To KCOX

Note: References and sources are marked with ^. This will appear on some future posts, as I’m going to need references in order to finish an article. Though I did this a few times (on my former blog The Kin Keihan Times), I only thought of this just now. Anyway, to know more about the referenced part of the article, just click on the red caret.


I can see black and orange and all these spooky, creepy stuff. The jack-o-lanterns. The spider webs and bats. The witch’s broom. People in costumes, from skeletons to wizards.

I’m not into Halloween parties and some trick-or-treat kind of thing, but this should be interesting. Tales of urban legends, ghost stories, and creepy occurrences are featured on TV shows, more of a month long tribute to a Halloween celebration. And yes, the horror flicks too.

All right! Let’s begin.

Black And Orange

Black and orange… a vibrant darkness looms over the town as people are busy scaring each other and dressing up in creepy costumes. Well, not exactly that, but these Halloween colors came from the unbleached beeswax candles (representation of the color orange) and the black cloth draping the ceremonial caskets, originally from the Celtic and Druid history. And then there’s the possibility that these Halloween colors are lifted from the color of Autumn (orange) and the darkness of the upcoming Winter (black).^ Just imagine the vibe of these two colors altogether… a warm and happy vibe mixed with a mysterious vibe. A strange combination indeed.

But then, Halloween is not always black and orange. Imagine zombies, for instance, they’re mostly red. In fact, it is not restricted to just these colors, but it seems that these colors (black and orange) stand out among any other colors.

Celebrating Halloween

For children, it is the time to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and do some trick or treating. Not only they are doing it in the neighborhood, but also in some establishments, especially malls.

For the grown-ups, there’s the zombie run (from a few years back), and some theme parks offering scary (but fun) attractions. And recently, there’s the live escape game, where you need to solve the mystery case within the time limit. Though not exactly more of a Halloween thing, it’s worth the teamwork kind of a thrill.

Halloween isn’t complete without ghost/horror stories and ghost hunting. Of course, the thrill of listening to such creepiness is enough to scare the pants off you.

Everything Halloween

Scarecrows, skeletons, spiders, bats, ghosts, Jack-o-Lanterns, black cats, witches… they’re mostly associated with Halloween. Same thing with zombies, ghouls, vampires and other scary creatures. They’re also fit for Halloween as well.

And yes, I did mention about Halloween specials on TV featuring urban legends, ghost hunt, paranormal activities, and a whole lot of scary stuff. Some of these are aired as a part of the month-long Halloween special.

And don’t forget the ghost stories too! Halloween’s all about scary stuff, so this kind of storytelling is the perfect thing to do, especially inside a candlelit room. The best ghost stories you can share are the ones involving the white lady, the haunted house, the well, the headless knight… anything involving a supernatural entity.


Halloween sure is a scary-fun moment that you’ll enjoy as much as with a holiday. With all the activities and events and things for this celebration, there’s no doubt that Halloween can be fun, creative and lively. But never forget the real reason behind this celebration, as per the three-day observance of Allhallowtide: it is to remember the dead… remembering the saints [Hallows], martyrs, and all the faithfully departed believers.^

All right, so why don’t you put on your scariest costume you can find and start a Halloween parade? This should be fun. Happy trick-or-treating!