The Year 2015: A Look Back


Well, another year has passed. But before we move on to next year, let’s take a look back at some of the articles posted for the year 2015.

Second Anniversary Post: How I Managed To Get This Far

Celebrating TWATKcox’s second year in the cyberspace, this article features my stint in blogging, and how I managed to continue blogging and writing articles through the years.

Continuation Of Timeline College Series

This series of posts about my college life is still ongoing and is expected to be concluded by next year. So far, I already published 8 TCS posts.

Continuation Of Obsessions Series

In addition to a series of Obsessions posts from the previous year, I published an additional four Obsessions posts for this year, namely: Drawing, Sunny Days, Red And Black, and Role Playing Games (RPGs).

When Silence Isn’t Golden

This article deals with my terrible communication skills and selective mutism.

The Summer Series

For the past two Aprils (2013 and 2014), I never post any articles on that month. Well, this year, I dedicated the month of April for summer season related articles, and this is one of them. It’s a three-part series on how I spent my summer season in the past 12 years (2003-2014).

The Listening Room Series

The Listening Room series features music-related articles and my fascination with various genres of music such as contemporary and smooth jazz, easy listening, bossa nova and the like. And of course, radio and its issues.

The Surrealistic Adventure Game Called Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki (Dream Diary) is a Japanese computer game created by Kikiyama. Initially began with my fascination for the two characters in its fan-made spin-off Yume 2kki (Gakuran-kun and Aoshiru/Cripple-tan), I was lured into playing this computer game and I got hooked on it for the time being. It’s all about collecting effects (in a dream) and discovering some secret, scary stuff about the main character in the game.

The 100th Post: The Darker Side Of The Story–With A Depressing Plot [E]

This special post deals with writing stories with a disturbing and depressing plot. It was specifically written in celebration of my first novella, “Season Of Darkness”, finished five years ago. Parts of the novella are included as well.

The Ideal All-Black Fashion/What’s Inside The Bag [Ax2]

A double article special (two separate full-length articles in a single post) featuring my fascination with an all-black outfit (including the accessories) and the contents of my bag whenever I go out.

When Patience Is No Longer A Virtue… [E]

Just like the title says, it’s all about patience… losing patience due to a lot of inconveniences.

Halloween, According To KCOX

This article features the Halloween culture, a tribute to a scary-fun celebration.

The Yuletide Season, According To Keihancarl

A more detailed rework of a previous holiday post published two years ago.

2015 sure is a great year, but I’m sure 2016 will be even greater than before. And yes, I’m looking forward to TWATKcox’s third year in the cyberspace too!

Once again, from Keihancarl here in Manila, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Have a prosperous year and look forward to a brighter day ahead!