The Unhealthy Holiday Feast

Christmas and New Year are always celebrated with a big feast. There’s meat, dessert, rice and noodle dishes… and fewer veggies. At first, it seemed pretty appropriate for a big feast. But with health problems on the rise due to unhealthy food served during the holidays, a lot of us are starting to get conscious when it comes to food.

A Buffet Of Carbs And Cholesterol

I admit, I always love eating, and holiday parties are great opportunities to eat up and get fat. This is the time where I get to eat lechon and other meat dishes, pasta and noodle dishes, lots of rice, and lots of sweets (desserts). Sometimes, I couldn’t stop eating even though I’m full, and that adds to a heavy burden of dealing with a huge belly.

The thought of a piled plate and a big belly makes me feel full already after just a few bites and leaving the rest of the food uneaten. But for people with a very huge appetite, it’s only half of what they eat. Talk about overeating, when you feel like it…

Eating too much (in other words, overeating) is an overload of carbohydrates (mainly from rice, pasta, and other starchy foods) and cholesterol (from fatty foods). Overeating can cause health problems such as heart disease and diabetes… a real burden for those who had a hard time controlling their appetite.

What’s For Dessert?

A feast isn’t complete without some sweet treats… it comes in any kind, and in variety. How about a slice of cake or leche flan for dessert?

I find it hard to resist the temptation of having too much dessert after a heavy meal consisting of carbohydrates and cholesterol… oh well, I have a sweet tooth. A sinful delight after the main course, that is. Now, what am I thinking?

Too much dessert means too much sugar in your diet. It’s bad enough that I eat too much unhealthy food, now I’m intensifying the negative effects of an unhealthy diet with sugar rich desserts. Oh, how sweet the consequence is!

One Sip, Please!

Along with the food served at holiday parties, there’s carbonated drinks (sodas), sugary juice drinks and alcoholic drinks. Of course, there’s plenty of water for the health conscious, but I’m sure you all had (at least) a glass of water in between these kinds of drinks.

So what’s in a drink? I’m pretty sure that some of the drinks (particularly sodas and fruit juices) have high sugar content, and we’re all drinking that thing completely unaware of the possible dangers of a sugary overdose… I mean, really. And as for alcoholic drinks… well, you know the dangers of getting drunk in the middle of a party, right? I’m sure you know.

If that wouldn’t stop you from getting a glass of soda, iced tea or champagne, then no problem. Just make sure you drink in moderation.

Staying Fit After The Holiday Season

New Year’s resolutions come in handy, but only if you’re willing to work on it. I’m sure you already promised yourself to shed off these unwanted calories and start eating healthy. And of course, control your portions.

At the party, a smaller plate may do the trick but if you’re good at piling your food as high as Mt. Everest, it won’t do you justice. Your mind is good at convincing you that every food served on the table is delicious, and this will prompt you to get more than what you can eat. Please, don’t make it hard on your belly.

When it comes to food, choose wisely. It’s okay to get a good serving of meat, but please have some veggies too (if there’s any). Avoid too much fatty and salty foods. Don’t stuff yourself with more carbs and cholesterol, it will do you worse than good.

If you happen to eat too much during the holidays, then you should plan on doing exercises and workouts to get your body back in shape. Yes, it will take a while before you achieve your desired figure (like the way it was before), but it’s worth the effort.


Arrgh! Holiday parties. So much food, so many risks. But we can still enjoy the food on this feast, provided that we don’t overeat. In other words, eat (and, in the case of sodas and alcoholic beverages, drink) moderately.

So, are you looking forward to another holiday feast? I sure am!