The Friendster Story: A Memory Recall

It was June 2006 when I had my first Friendster account. I was in fourth-year high school that time, and I’m just an online newbie with a little experience in surfing the net. Oh well, I was kind of exploring the world of social media before Facebook and here I was, adding friends and exchanging testimonials and personalizing my profile.


I did sign up for Friendster, though I have to make it look like I’m 16 years of age in order to use the service. Well, I did just that, and the rest is history.

So of course, I’m on Friendster. But then, I don’t know how to start, I mean I’m just starting out. I decided to explore everything… from my profile, settings, and my friend’s profiles. I suppose the first thing you need to do after you register is to verify your account. I never did this, until a few months later.

I started adding a couple of friends and my brother into my friend list. I never thought that this is going to be addictive since I tend to check my account whenever I’m at the internet cafe. Later on, I’m like everybody else–adding friends, exchanging testimonials, customizing the layout, uploading pictures, and so on. Oh, how wonderful it is, to reconnect with your old friends and see what they’re up to!

Friends, Old Friends, Former Friends…

For the fun part, I started searching for my former classmates and friends… well, mostly from freshman to junior high.

Later on, I remember some of my former classmates from elementary and I did find a couple of their profiles on Friendster. I decided to add them to my friend list. After all, they seem to be nice (even though these people are the cause of my misery). Besides, there’ll be no more chance of a get together so I’m fine with seeing them online than in person.

I received a message from a dear classmate of mine, and it came as a surprise considering that I didn’t expect anything other than accepting my friend request. It’s been more or less four years since we last meet and I thought that they had forgotten me. It seems like there are a few classmates who still remember me. Anyway, she asked how I was doing and I told her that I’m doing fine. Somehow, the unexpected message made me lighten up and that erased my negative thoughts about them.

Well, I’m sure there are a lot of people asking for a testimonial… but of course, the unexpected message is the most remarkable message I ever received. I always smile at the thought of it.

Customize Your Profile And More…

I admit I love designing my profile with some YouTube videos and a playlist from Imeem. And yes, having Daisuke Niwa (D. N. Angel) as the background (a red, D. N. Angel themed Friendster layout). Just imagine how cool it is back then.

Well, Friendster layouts are basically CCS and HTML codes… it’s basically copy-paste thing. There are a lot of layouts to choose from, but you can create your own as well (I believe I’ve done this once, but it’s a trial and error process).

And then there’s glitter graphics and glitter name graphics. I’m sure some of you had these on your Friendster profiles and some testimonials from your friends.

I couldn’t remember how many times I changed Friendster layouts. But I always stick to my favorite D. N. Angel Friendster layout, Daisuke Niwa surrounded by red flames. I simply love that anime, and I love red!

Friendster And Blogging

Well, what’s a better platform to express yourself online? Of course, it’s blogging. And yes, Friendster has it (it’s called Friendster Blogs). In fact, that’s where I started my blog (the Kin Keihan Times) and my blogging career.

At first, my blog posts are quite amateurish… I’m not that good at expressing myself. I mean, who’s reading it anyway? Some of my posts are… more of my experiences, short stories, and absolute nonsense (yet a couple of published articles/literary posts are reblogged to this site). Oh well, I guess it takes great courage and practice to improve.

I eventually migrated to other blogging platforms (Blogger and WordPress), but the KKT stayed in Friendster Blogs until its demise.

Crazy Uploads, Who’s Viewing Your Profile, And Everything Else…

Ah, the nostalgic memory of checking your friend’s Friendster profiles and their uploaded pics… Embarrassing as it seems, it’s quite enjoyable. I admit it’s more of seeing what’s that particular friend up to in these pictures.

Of course, after seeing my friends’ pics and all, I started uploading a lot of pics as well. Before, I always used anime characters as profile pictures (in an attempt to hide my identity). Well, I must say I’m more comfortable using my own pictures as profile pictures… that somehow boost my confidence.

Through the years, this social networking site (Friendster) keeps adding new features (like status updates replacing testimonials, I believe) in order to keep up with the rising popularity of Facebook. Some of Friendster’s features are on Facebook as well, so it really makes it easy for me to adapt to the latter, but I still keep checking my Friendster accounts until mid-2011 (by the way, I keep two accounts). After that, there’s bad news…

Life After Friendster

On June 2011, the social networking site (including is blogging service) bid farewell and is now converted into a social gaming site. Luckily, I was able to retrieve my blog’s contents and my entire profile before the relaunch as a gaming site, yet both my accounts were retained. I never bothered to log in though, since I’m now focusing on my Facebook account and my WordPress site, losing interest in Friendster completely. I mean, it’s just not the same as it once was, and it’s time to move on.

After four and a half years, I still think of Friendster as a cool social networking site for reconnecting with old friends and classmates. Right now, Facebook continued where the defunct social networking site had left off.

Being on Friendster for almost five years, I was truly grateful for all the great memories we created… from searching for old friends to sharing pics and testimonials and all that. All the more reason I should say, “Thank you for this wonderful online experience!”