Third Anniversary Post: The History Of TWATKcox… So Far

It was January 26, 2013, when The World According To KCOX (shortened to TWATKcox) debuted in the blogosphere with a couple of test posts, namely Temporary Test Page: An Announcement and Test Post: A Blogger’s Limerick. Yes, this serves as the beginning of a new branding for my official blog (more of a relaunch), as well as the end of my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times.

Along with the relaunch, the Facebook page is renamed to its current branding and the Tumblr site (formerly known as the spin off to the now defunct KKT) is redesigned to host full articles (up to the 85th post), excerpts of recent articles (from 86th post onwards), and Tumblr exclusive content (such as my personal views on a recently published article and my other personal views on life in general).


So, here are the following events that cover the first three years of TWATKcox in the cyberspace:

  • The first two posts (test posts) are supposed to be temporary and are meant to be deleted as soon as the pilot article is published. But of course, I decided not to delete these two posts and they’re now considered a part of this blog. So instead of being the debut post of this blog, From The Kin Keihan Times… To The World According To KCOX became the third post to be published on this blog.
  • The Timeline Series, focusing on my 6th grade-high school life, is finally concluded on this site. Most of the TS posts are from my former blog the Kin Keihan Times and are re-posted on this site. It is then followed with the Timeline College Series focusing on my entire college life, but so far I’ve only featured the first three years in college as of this writing.
  • One of my earliest articles on this blog (The Reads: Books That I Read) is all about the list of the books that I read. Before that, there’s a related article featuring the firsts and mosts (The Reads: First And Mosts).
  • Aside from The Timeline Series, there are also a few articles re-posted from the Kin Keihan Times as well. One of these is entitled No, Never, And I Don’t Like.
  • A Halloween themed post, Hallo-Hallo Orange: A Halloween Concept (published in November 2013), is basically about a Halloween Dilly Bar that I ate in 2012. Nothing special about that, since I only feature that Dairy Queen ice cream bar and not the essence of the Halloween. Oh well…
  • My first ever holiday-themed post, Feast Of Happiness: A Yuletide Post, was published in December 2013 on this site. Two years later, it was expanded and rewritten as The Yuletide Season, According To Keihancarl.
  • The Obsessions series began in 2014 and is still ongoing. It features much about my interests on certain things, such as writing, books, food, and more.
  • The silver special post, 50 Facts About KCOX, was published in March 2014. It tells a lot about who I am in real life.
  • Since August 2014, I started writing and posting articles with slightly explicit and sensitive content, hence it was marked with [E] at the end of the title. Prior to this, I did publish an article (A Critical Approach In Life, September 2013) dealing with a bunch of criticisms in life. Of course, there’s a warning on the beginning of that post, to warn unsuspecting readers.
  • A literary+article combo, entitled Friendship And Memories, was published on October 2014. It’s marked with a [L+A] tag on the title. The first part features a short story, while the second part focuses on the article relating to the story. This post is all about the painful truth behind friendships and meeting old friends/former classmates. It’s loosely based on my experience as a former private school student transferring to a public school and leaving my former friends/classmates behind.
  • My 100th post, titled The Darker Side Of A Story… With A Depressing Plot, tells much about my style of writing stories with a dark and disturbing theme. I don’t know why, but I was lured to a morbid style of storytelling and this is what I’m up to right now. It also includes some excerpts from my novella Season Of Darkness, published more than five years ago.
  • My 101st post is a double article feature and marked with an [Ax2] tag. Entitled An Ideal All-Black Fashion/What’s Inside The Bag, it tells much about my preferred all-black outfit and the things I carry with me whenever I go out.
  • 2015 brings another concept, a music-themed concept called The Listening Room. This series focuses on my choice of music and the radio stations I listen to. Right now, I’ve already featured some of the smooth jazz stations on the Philippine radio. This series will continue with a feature on a local smooth jazz podcast, and the songs I listened to through the years.
  • Once Upon A Dreamy Summer was the first post published on the month of April. Prior to this, there are no articles published on this month. Also, The Summer Series, a three part series about what I did in the last 12 years of spending the summer season (2003-2014), was published from April 23 to May 8.
  • Every December, aside from the Yuletide posts, there’s the annual year end post where I feature some of the notable posts for that particular year. The Tumblr version of the year end post features the achievements of this blog and the forecast for the upcoming year ahead.
  • In addition to the posts on my WordPress site, I also wrote some exclusive content in my Tumblr site as well. One of the Tumblr exclusive posts, The Benefits Of Being A Loner (Without A Group), was eventually re-posted on the TWATKcox-WordPress site, using the [t] tag.


For the first three years, I’ve already covered a lot of topics, ranging from personal interests to personal experiences. These include food, travel, fashion, music, life crisis, high school/college life, various trends, and a lot more. In every year end post, I always list down some of the notable articles published within that certain year, and you can even click on the title to read the entire post.

Nowadays, I’ve been focusing more on writing articles (some of them in a series) and less on my own literary works. Also, I often rely on my own knowledge (with a little research) just to finish an article. Who knows, this might change. In fact, I had just incorporated citations/sources in my recent articles. And I’m writing stories as well, some of these stories might appear on this blog soon!


Happy third anniversary to us! We’ll begin another year with lots of articles and stories to keep this blog up and running. We’ll look forward to more ideas and concepts that will make TWATKcox live up to its philosophy… to express and to inform.