Everything On A Plate, But…

A buffet restaurant. Lots of food. Too much to chew. An eat-all-you-can expense.

True enough, buffets are for those who can afford to pay and eat a lot. With a lot of food served, a mix of local and international cuisine, it’s a gastronomic feast.

Eat All You Can

Get a plate. Head to the buffet table and pick all the food you like. Now head to your table and enjoy the food. If you want more, you can always come back to the buffet table and get more food. Stuff yourself real good.

All right, that sounds obvious, but that’s what you’re supposed to do inside a buffet restaurant. I mean, you’re paying a few hundred bucks per head… and now, the food is waiting for you right at the buffet table. All you have to do is serve yourself some great food and eat up.

Now that I think about it, I feel overwhelmed by a wide selection of food served… from different countries (including our very own Filipino dishes and desserts). Too much excitement makes it hard for me to choose what I should eat and digest everything I eat. Even if I get small portions of some of the food served, I ended up eating more… and forcing myself to finish all the food on my plate (no leftovers–I’ll explain that one later).

As I eat the food on my plate, I was wondering… will I be able to finish all the food on my plate, despite the fact that I’m near full and can’t take another bite? Read on.

Eat All You Can’t

Of course, anything too much is bad. And this includes the amount of food you can eat in one sitting…

So here’s what happens after too much food intake at a buffet: you feel like you can’t move… you feel bloated and about to throw up. Just looking at the food on the buffet table can make you throw up. I experienced this at least a few times, the most recent experience happened a couple of weeks ago, at my cousins’ birthdays.

And before you pile up your plate, remember this very important rule in any buffet restaurant: STRICTLY NO LEFTOVERS. For some of you, this may sound stupid… but it’s an acceptable rule in order to avoid wasting good food. I mean, it’s an eat-all-you-can restaurant, so you get all you want and you eat all you want. Just imagine having too many leftovers on a plate. That is a waste of good food, and most buffet restaurants won’t be happy to see a pile of leftovers on your plate. And no, you can’t take out your leftovers. Remember, there’s an additional charge for leftovers so make sure you get what you can eat. Don’t be a glutton.

A Plate For Two People? Not!

All right… aside from no leftovers and no takeouts, there’s also no sharing. It may sound selfish, but they implement this rule to make sure that every diner pays for the unlimited food and drinks inside the buffet restaurant. After all, buffet dining is a business.

The “no sharing” rule also applies to non-buffet restaurants, specifically on eat-all-you-can lunch/dinner buffet complete with bottomless drinks. Yup, some restaurants also have this option, in addition to the set meals on the menu.

Going back to the buffet table, it really makes sense that you pay for the food that only you (yes, you) can eat, no matter how expensive it is. It would be unfair for the fellow diners and restaurant owners to even think of sharing a buffet plate with your companion, not to mention that it comes with a consequence of paying an additional charge or getting banned from the buffet restaurant.

At The Buffet

If you’re thinking of eating at a buffet restaurant, be prepared: the price range (per head) varies depending on the time and day, like lunch or dinner, or weekday or weekend. Also, make sure to come in hungry as you are expected to eat a lot since you’re going to pay a few hundred bucks for an eat-all-you-can treat.

At the buffet table, make sure to get what you can eat. Of course, you can always come back to the table for more, so you don’t have to pile your plate. If you’re not that adventurous though, make sure to stick to the food you’re familiar with. With curiosity, however, you can sample the food by putting a small portion of that unfamiliar dish on your plate.

Remember, chew slowly and eat slowly. There’s no need to rush, you can even go for rounds and for hours inside the buffet restaurant. Well, there are times you get carried away by stuffing your mouth… bite, after bite, after bite. You’ll get full, and you’ll get nauseous due to a full stomach.

And last, but not the least, be courteous to the staff and fellow customers/diners. Yes, a simple rule of not piling up your plate gives the impression that you didn’t hog the entire buffet table all to yourself, therefore you are spared from the impression of being a glutton. Of course, not finishing your food is wasting good food, and that is an insult to the staff, particularly to the chef who prepares the meal on the buffet table.


Ah, buffet… there’s so much food to take in. And quite expensive as well, especially if it’s a luxury buffet. Definitely not for those who have little to no appetite. But for those who wanted to try out a lot of international and local cuisine without going to different dining establishments, then you got yourself a place to pig out.