Beginning Of A Final Year (Timeline College Series #14)

Oh, how time flies. I’m on my final year in college and I’m just days away from finishing my OJT (on the job training) at a satellite office of a government agency. I had a feeling this is going to be my most exciting (but emotional) year.

There were some slight changes in the schedule. I’m used to visiting my mom on Sundays, and even though it’s late in the afternoon, I would push through with the weekly visit. But that is not the case for this semester, as two of the subjects occupy the entire Sunday afternoon. I would make do by visiting her on Monday afternoons, at least for this semester.


Before my summer break ends, I bought a pedometer so I can see how many steps I walked in less than 10 hours… I must have walked about 10,000+ steps in an 8 hour period. That time, I was into this mall-hopping kind of activity and it was fun doing this with no one but myself. What I did in this mall-hopping escapade is plain sightseeing, book hunting, and a little shopping. I remember buying a couple of books from a specialty bookstore Fully Booked, and a pair of Katekyo Hitman Reborn black fingerless gloves from Comic Alley. I’m sure it goes further from here.


This semester focuses on radio and TV script writing, college teaching, methods of research (thesis), book publishing, and sports writing. For me, I’m more interested in the first four subjects, the last one is something I’m not good at.

For the first part of this semester, we’re doing radio script writing first. Our group is assigned to do a radio talk show, while others are doing news, commentary and showbiz radio programs. I was assigned as an executive producer, though I hardly did produce that radio talk show. Also, I did the voice over of a person being interviewed, as well as designing the CD inlay.

There’s paperwork involved in the methods of research. One notable topic we’re working on is our opinion on the K+12 Program, accompanied by an article and some citations. This is the first step to our thesis work. Also, we’re writing stories, poems, and articles for book publishing. I’m in charge of managing the literary works, and I was quite ecstatic about finally writing my very own story and have my professor read my works.

As for sports writing, I had a hard time writing a sports news story that features a basketball player (an outstanding basketball player). It took me a while before I finish my work. I mean, I’m not into sports and I’m not into basketball.


It was late July, and the team building (my last for the entire 4-year course) is held at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center, at the Fishing Village. When I got there, the sky looked quite dim, like it’s about to rain. It appears that I’m the one from my class who came to the team building earlier than the rest of the seniors. Luckily, some of the third years recognize me and I felt a sigh of relief. My classmates finally arrived a few hours later. I did get a glimpse of some of the activities and since we seniors are not expected to join the activities, we can leave the team building at any time (considering that we have tons of work to do, mainly due to our thesis work). I then spend some time alone at the two malls in the EDSA-North Avenue area before heading home.

The following morning, I received a sad news from my neighbor-friend-classmate via Facebook. Our dear classmate from first-year high school died a couple of days ago. We visited his funeral a few days later, and on the day he was cremated. It serves as a reunion for us BFFs as well, even though we lost a great friend.

We visited one of the publishing companies, the one producing educational textbooks. Everything went well, and we had a tour of the building as we learn about the process of publishing a book, from contents to design. Prior to this, we did find a printing press, which we had mistaken for a small publishing company. Yup, this is one of the activities for our book publishing class.


For the next TCS post, there’s the research work for our thesis, the stage play, story and reflection writing (for book publishing), TV and radio script writing… plus being a traveling writer and all that. I’ll work on it soon.