Remembering The Kin Keihan Times (The 125th Post)

So far, so good! We’ve made it this far, and we’ve got a long way to go. Anyway, here’s the 125th post to commemorate my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times.


One of the headers for my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times. (2011)

June 24, 2008. Something urged me to express myself through writing and I started blogging. And that’s when the Kin Keihan Times was created by yours truly, KCOX.


As a college student that time, I don’t have much experience in blogging and I only publish such random stuff. Of course, I also wrote about my elementary and high school experiences too, but it’s all about how I feel about my former classmates and how I ended up being a miserable loner. There are some commentaries about what I’ve written as well, usually before, after, or in the middle of the article.

And then I started writing short stories and posting it on my blog. These short stories, published in parts, are part of my earlier (finished) works. So far, I’ve already published 5 stories on the blog: Sadness Within, Wasted Chances, Living The Unusual Summer, Just Three Chances, and The Rascal’s Club. There were also a few poems published on the blog as well. In addition, the novella Season Of Darkness was available on the blog as well, but as a PDF file. My second novella The Madcap was then announced to be made available soon on the blog (for a limited time), but for some reason, it was not uploaded on the blog as of 2016.

Through the years, there are some improvements on the articles being published, yet they appear to be amateurish in terms of quality. But then, I didn’t care much about what I’ve written on the blog. I enjoyed writing and posting a lot of random things, and I haven’t had a clear plan in mind regarding the blog’s future.

Since early 2011, there were slight improvements on my posts. Also, I started the Timeline Series featuring my student life from sixth grade to fourth-year high school. It was deemed unfinished after the 11th post. The first 11 posts from the series were eventually re-posted; afterwards, the series is then continued (and concluded) on TWATKcox.

The blog was first hosted on Friendster Blogs from 2008 to 2011. From 2010 up to its demise in early 2013, the blog was hosted on WordPress. It was also briefly hosted on Blogger in 2010 for about six months. It was during my move to WordPress that I decided to divide the blog between the main KKT site (articles) and the Literary Corner (stories and poems). I also joined Tumblr and created a spin-off to the KKT called The World According To KCOX, which is now the name of my current blog. The Tumblr site eventually becomes the mirror site for my current blog.

By the time the Kin Keihan Times ended its presence on the blogosphere, I was already building up another blog to replace KKT. As soon as TWATKcox was launched, the KKT bid farewell. The articles and stories written between 2008-2012 (including pre-2013 TWATKcox posts) are now hosted on another blog called The KKT Archives.

For more than four and a half years, the KKT was a representation of my early career as a blogger and the posts simply become a record of my early experience in blogging/writing articles and literary works. Just reading some of them makes me wonder how come I’ve written that kind of [embarrassing] stuff. But it gives me the feeling of nostalgia too, along with my college memories and some inspiration from a lot of things. I made it this far by means of practice… even though no one ever reads my blog posts.


All right, here are some excerpts from some of the KKT posts as well as my commentary on it.

I’m shy, I’m weird, I’m not the outgoing type… I’m no longer active and tend to be lazing out in front of a PC… I’m totally different from the rest. I’m totally dumb. And I can’t call it life either, for there is a lack of strength to move on… I couldn’t rise up from the ashes. Oh God, how much do I hate myself?

―from Confessions Of A True Loner (Part Two)

There goes the weird me… being emotional and miserable. Oh well, how can I hate myself for that?

They’re also the words of dislike, as if they were used to express hate and despise to someone who is stupid, dull or dumb-headed. Since I’m sometimes dull and stupid, I expect that someone will going to despise me… but instead they liked me more. Well, I guess there are exceptions…

―from No, Never and I Don’t Like

I may be dull, but I’m not 100% stupid. I mean, really. By the way, that was re-posted on this site. I think that’s one of my earlier posts during the KKT years. There’s humor involved in this post too.

Funny how it seems, but it’s serious to deal with. Sometimes, I am serious. Sometimes, I am wild and crazy. Who am I, anyway?

―from True Confessions: My Dual Identity

A case of confusion about who I really am. Well, at least it’s balanced. I don’t know if that article is about having a dual identity or a dual personality. I mean, I never even mentioned about my identity as KCOX (which was then explained in later posts).

At first, it would seem to be a tough world for me. Now that everything’s fine, I shouldn’t have any more troubles. It’s no longer good to think of anything related to bad experiences, and it’s better to think only of the happiest moments in my life. This should stop me from getting hurt.

―from Looking Back Hurts…/Should You Have Or Not Have A Friend (Special Double Issue)

This one makes sense. No comments on this one.

Well, while I was looking for something to get rid of, I noticed a pile of everything… old school journals, artworks and brochures… school projects… just everything. And then I noticed this artwork when I was in 4th year high, I think that was from the fourth grading. At first I wonder… why the sun and the thunderstorm? (The artwork, I think, focuses on expressing yourself… I couldn’t remember a thing!) Someone might have noticed… I was shining bright when I was happy just like the sun. I was letting out a jolt of anger when I was totally mad and violent just like the thunderstorm. Notice the sun and the thunderstorm, and try comparing yourself to these two things in season (please note that it always depends on their attitudes or personalities).

―from The KKT Silver Post Special: His Life As The Sun And The Thunderstorm

One notable memory I had with that school artwork… why the sun and the thunderstorm? Oh well, it does reflect who I am, whether I’m happy or mad. As the title of the post says, it’s the 25th post for KKT.

I really hate the thought of looking back, but I have to. That motivated me a bit to make a move but then it’s going to be different from this day on.

―from The Feeling Of Looking Back… And Beyond [A Realization]

Look back and move on. Even if it hurts. Right now, the way I look back on my past, I feel quite amused instead of getting hurt. Maybe I already moved on… or so I thought.

125 posts and still counting… how far can we go? All right, onward to reaching another milestone in TWATKcox history! Who knows, I’m planning a grand fifth-anniversary post to celebrate TWATKcox’s fifth anniversary in the cyberspace, as well as my tenth year as a blogger. Make sure to look forward to it, in two years’ time!