Twenty-five years and still counting, heading for twenty-six next month. I must have endured a lot of challenges and experiences, every life cycle filled with good memories and sad moments. In the next few years, I’m gonna experience mid-life crisis. And I think it’s either good or bad, depending on how I look at it.

Time flies… I would love to savor that particular life cycle and enjoy my youth and my freedom. Impossible as it seems, nothing lasts forever. Oh well, all the more reason why I’ve become a vain narcissist… I was trying to look young. All right, on to the next part of this post.


What to expect in the next stage of life? It’s basically live, work and play… anything to keep my life as balanced as possible. In the next few years, I see myself in a workplace, doing a lot of important tasks and hanging out with my co-workers and have fun. Well, since I’m used to being a loner all the time, I shouldn’t have problems planning a lot of activities for myself, unless I start hanging out with a group of people and moving out of this solitary life. And then there’s the thought of marriage and starting a family. Right now, I’m not into relationships but… this might change eventually.

I feel demotivated. Since having a job a few years back, I never expected that I will give up this easily. Did I miss anything in the last fifteen years of my life? Perhaps, that’s the reason why I need to catch up on the things that I wanted to do. But right now, I need to start searching for a new job in order to sustain my semi-independent life.

I have a lot of plans. But there are certain reasons why I couldn’t make these plans into reality… there are certain factors that prevent me from achieving my goals. Shyness is one thing, the fear of embarrassment is another. I can’t even go out and find a job.

As I move on to the next chapter of my life, there are some things I need to let go… like playing video games or trying to look like a high school kid. I’m growing up, so there’s no need for me to act childish. Oh, the painful process of growing up… why does it have to be this way?


Survival in a transitional phase… does it have to be as painful as dealing with a loss of a loved one, a career setback and/or bankruptcy? It shouldn’t be like that, and it’s not supposed to be like that. I mean, it would be too much if I suffer too much anxiety upon reaching the age of 30, right?

The thing is, some people at that age aren’t cut for responsibility since they have a hard time accepting the fact that they’re already grown-up and they keep up with their childish ways. Some of them don’t even know what the word responsibility means… which is kind of sad, considering that we were taught how to be responsible at a young age. If you don’t know how to set aside your own interests for more important tasks, then you’re not that responsible enough.

Growing up means you’re in charge of your own self. You learn how to keep track of your expenses, take good care of your health, and plan your schedule effectively. You try to stay positive when things go bad, remain optimistic for whatever comes ahead, and look forward to a successful future. If you managed to make it through your retirement, then you survived the most challenging life stage.


A life transition is a normal process, but it can cause emotional stress and anxiety to some, and it’s sometimes difficult to cope with. In addition, a person undergoing a transition may have a hard time establishing his/her identity, leading to an identity crisis.

Take time to understand the process of a life transition, and always remember that a transition is always difficult since it involves a lot of changes to your identity and your daily routine. Learn to accept changes and try to remain positive and optimistic at all times. Give yourself an opportunity to learn new things. Know how to keep track of important things (such as your time and finances), and try to have realistic time frames and expectations. And more importantly, it’s best to seek help from a support group since it’s tough to do something on your own. ^ ^


The world is changing, and so are we. Transitions can either make or break you. You may be forced to give up that usual habit in order to make way for a new one. You grow older and you’re more confined to an age-appropriate lifestyle that defines who you really are. In the end, what matters is that you make the most out of your life without regret, and accept the changes that come in your way.