The Student-Intern Life: Thesis And Teleprompters (Timeline College Series #15)

So we’re doing a lot of research for our thesis. It’s about the perception of Liberal Arts students to Tagalized English movies, which is related to our academic program (English Major). It took a lot of articles, then some surveys and about two trips to the National Library in order to gather valuable information. I couldn’t tell if that hard work is really worth it since there might be a change in plans (or so I thought).

The first trip to the National Library: Most of our class are doing the research, it was like an entire squad. Since it’s our first time, we need to sign up for our IDs so we can begin our research. And we spent an entire afternoon doing just that. Afterwards, we did get to have a short trip to Rizal Park, as well as Baywalk (a promenade facing Manila Bay) before going home. The second trip to the National Library: I went on ahead of my group mates, giving myself ample time to visit a large mall in Ermita before heading to Rizal Park to join my group mates and continue our research. As with earlier, I parted from my group mates after the research.


We watched a stage play featuring some of my classmates at a mall in Monumento. Amazing that they’ve been a part of the performing arts group for about two years, and they were right in front of me. They performed well.

After the stage play, I decided to ride the LRT-1 from Monumento to Roosevelt stations (which was part of the LRT-1 extension), and I still have to ride a short distance to get to the two malls in North EDSA. That was the first time I’ve ridden the first light rail transit in the country.


Since we’re doing some writing for our book publishing class, I try to write a story on a small notebook while going places. You know, writing a few sentences/paragraphs and lines in my notebook inside a fast food chain/café while waiting for the food to be served. Well, that was kind of awkward, writing in a place full of people… but who cares? Anyways, it didn’t produce the kind of story I wanted, and I never get to do that again, even on occasion.

Regarding the writing activity for book publishing, I was assigned as the leader of the literary section and I did a couple of short stories, as well as contributing a reflective piece for the reflective essay section. I also wrote the introduction for the literary section. My classmate did the illustrations for the literary works. The first of the two stories is somewhat lengthy for a short story, and it looked like it was written by an American author. My professor thought that the story is actually part of a novel due to a longer dialogue between the characters of the story. The second one is shorter than the first one, and it was simpler and more realistic. Upon submitting the work, I knew I had to do better.


We did a recording of our own radio show for our radio and TV script writing class (a business radio program featuring a guest, but I did the voice acting in lieu of the actual guest). My classmates were in charge of various tasks, from script writing to recording. I did the cover art, as well as being the Executive Producer (which doesn’t make sense since I’m not the leader of the group *laugh*). We never did a sound check, and the production looked like it was recorded straight from an FM radio station, complete with static.

It’s the same with producing an episode of a TV program, a documentary about the life of a bus conductor. Again, my classmates are in charge of most of the tasks, and I’m in charge of the cover art, as well as the expenses. Well, we had a hard time finding a DVD case for our finished work, and we must have spent a lot of money on the printing. We did review our work afterward.


The semester concluded with the beginning of my second OJT, this time at a broadcast station, the state-owned PTV-4, as part of my practicum for my academic program’s specialization in broadcasting. I applied for an internship by myself and began my two-and-a-half month internship by the end of September.

The first few days of my internship focuses on observation. I witness the usual activities inside the news room, from gathering the latest news updates to presenting the news in front of the camera. My job is to assist the news presenter for the news updates (every 30 minutes) and the news production staff for the 5 o’clock news and operate the teleprompter.

More of my internship days, plus a few notable happenings and anything interesting will be revealed on the next part of this series.