#Throwback: The Noir Project

It was two years ago, on September 2014, when I started conceptualizing about doing a photo shoot featuring me wearing an all black outfit, and uploading the pics to Instagram, in black and white. As for the pics, let me tell you: this is not noir photography, but it’s black and white photography.

It sounds misleading that the word noir is [sometimes] associated with noir photography, a cinematic type of photography focusing on dark, moody and dark themes. Well, the word noir is a French word for black. But just as the photos itself are black and white and may not fit the concept, the all-black outfit does.


As I was approaching 24 that time, I was amazed by the idea of wearing all-black, probably as a way of undergoing a transition to adulthood. And so, I come up with that concept, a series of black and white photographs (they’re all edited) and a pictorial of me in an all-black outfit. So much for that fascination.

That time, I was hoping I can find (and buy) the black shirt I wanted, specifically the Attack On Titan shirt. Oh well, I wasn’t able to find one… and so, I opted for my old black shirt instead. I did buy a blazer (a spandex black blazer), a black handkerchief, and a plain black sun visor. I think that’s enough (for now), I’m all set to do the travel (well planned) and photo shoot thing (courtesy of my trusty monopod).

So here are some photos from that concept. The first six pictures are originally shot in colored and edited in black and white, while the other three pictures only feature the all-black outfit. These are all taken on 10-17-2014, at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.



There you have it. My fascination with all-black really means something to me, and I know some of you are feeling the same way. The moment I transform this concept into a reality, it was sort of okay… well, that concept needs improvement. It’s kind of strange doing that photo shoot by myself, but does that matter? I mean, it took courage (just a little) and confidence to achieve that goal of producing a lot of photos, most of them are selfies. I’m sure that was a remarkable time of the year for me.

For the Tumblr post about the plans regarding The Noir Project that was published two years ago, proceed here.