My Ideal Wardrobe

So what’s an ideal wardrobe for me?

A wardrobe defines a person’s personality. It depends on what clothes you have or what clothes you wear. Imagine having a wardrobe full of black clothes… it shows how you are obsessed with that neutral color and you might be perceived as a boring individual for being monotonous. But then, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you can handle wearing outfits of the same color all the time.


All right, so what’s my ideal wardrobe look like?

  • My wardrobe is generally represented by three colors: red, black and gray. But there’s also blue, orange, green… and a little white.
  • My wardrobe generally consists of dress shirts, t-shirts (graphic tees or plain colored ones), jackets, slacks… and some others.
  • The clothes are arranged according to color. You won’t be seeing too much white clothing though since I prefer black/dark colored clothing.
  • You won’t be seeing a lot of white undergarments (none for socks).
  • The accessories (caps, belts, fingerless gloves) are preferably in black.

When it comes to clothing, I always prefer dark colors over light ones. But I do mix them and they do match… depends on the color choices.

So what are the things I expected to see in my wardrobe?

  • Colored shirts, any kind (with or without the collar, with or without graphic prints).
  • Button shirts (any color, long sleeve or short sleeve).
  • Lots of plain black shirts, for use as undershirts.
  • A few white shirts, plain or with graphic print.
  • A couple of knee-length coats (at least one is of black color).
  • Anime shirts (right now, I only have two).
  • Few pairs of black slacks.
  • A couple pair of rugged black pants.
  • A few sweater vests.
  • A few dark colored blazers.
  • A few pair of shorts.
  • Cardigans, hoodie jackets, and zip-up vests.
  • Colored undergarments.
  • Colored socks (mostly black ones and a few colored ones).
  • Accessories (handkerchiefs, fingerless gloves, belts, caps, and sun-visors).


Well, what can you say about my choice of clothing inside my wardrobe? Some of you might find it typical, but what matters is that we all have our own preferences. After all, your own wardrobe really does reflect your personality, especially when it comes to fashion. Keep it neat and organized.