Being A Perfectionist

I don’t know if you’re with me on this, but I hate anything that’s below my standards. Why do I flare up when things don’t according to plan? You certainly know that I love planning my schedule ahead of time and I don’t want to ruin any part of it. Why do I stress myself trying to make things perfect? It’s because I want everything to go perfectly well.

One thing I love about perfectionism is the ability to strive for the best… but it goes beyond that. I wanted to make sure that everything went well, just as I want it to be.

Aiming For Perfection

At first, it seems pretty difficult how to determine if a dish is perfect as per your taste buds’ standards. But of course, your preference should help you determine if the dish is excellent, okay or not. If you’re not fond of the food’s bland taste, then you might want to add something in order to suit your taste buds.

Regarding that, I make sure that I implement my own preference in a way that I don’t disregard others. Well, if they disagree, then they might want to do things their way.

Self Proclamation?

Self-proclaimed perfectionism? Probably. Perfectionism is easy to proclaim as their own trait… I’m a perfectionist, that is. You label yourself that in order to give these people an impression that you have such high standards.

Of course, perfectionism isn’t at all self-proclaimed. There are at least a few people who would label you as such, in a positive or a negative way. But come on, being labeled a perfectionist can be either a good thing or a bad thing to have, depending on your attitude.

When Things Don’t Go Your Way And You Wanted To Scream

Awww… the frustrations of not getting what you wanted can make you go fly off the handle. Seriously, some people think that they’re better and more perfect than the others. And so they set their own standards just to show how tight they are when it comes to their plans. It’s more of a high expectation, something that the perfectionists always have.

If You Can Perfect It, Then Perfect It!

Practice makes perfect… up to the point that it becomes too polished to be perfect. You tend to be a self-critic, always comparing your previous work and the recent one. You simply criticize others’ works which don’t go well with your standards.

If you’re obsessed with doing things flawlessly, then you’re gonna spend a lot of time finishing it. Writing, editing, writing, editing… it’s a never ending process. Even if it’s already published, you’re still looking for flaws and try to edit it. That’s how it goes, especially if you’re conscious about how it’s supposed to look like.

A Dangerous Critic

Every day, I tend to criticize a lot of processes and services that are below my expectations. Imagine falling in line to buy a ticket to ride the train. If the service is very slow, then it really spells inconvenience. Sometimes, you might just go and blurt out your frustrations and tell the train station staff how terrible the service is. I need not go further on this one, there might be a lot of these. (There’s an upcoming article for that, coming soon…)

A Fine Contentment

Nothing beats perfection like savoring a piece of steak infused with herbs and spices suitable to your taste buds or sipping a glass of the finest wine that’s aged in high-quality oak barrels. I know it sounds ambitious, but in order to achieve a great piece of work, one must never stop improving what needs to be improved. Well, I do accept the fact that we can never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can stop living just because everything isn’t at par with your standards. Sometimes there’s a way to appreciate things which are close enough to your desired perfection, something that you can live with.

Perfection is the key to contentment. It should suit your taste for finer things, both visually and socially.

―The World According To KCOX, Perfectionist Ideals.