i150W: The Color Orange Revisited

Orange is a secondary color. You all know it right?

Pumpkins are orange. Carrots are orange. Oranges are orange. So what makes orange special? Well, orange is suited for Halloween, especially for jack-o-lanterns. It is the color of the prisoners’ uniforms. It is commonly seen in highways through traffic cones and safety jackets. Orange is commonly used for promoting awareness and prevention of self-injury. It’s closer color, deep saffron, is the sacred color of Hinduism and the color of the Buddhist monk’s robes.

Orange signifies a variety of things like autumn, warning, Halloween, fire, optimism, warmth, amusement, energy, extrovert, taste and aroma, and ambition, among others.^ It is the most flamboyant color among all colors.^  Three words best describe orange: vibrant, significant, helpful.

Bright as it is, orange is the perfect color for Halloween and road safety. And speaking of Halloween, the [pumpkin] jack-o-lanterns are the star of this celebration!