What I Keep Is What I Cherish (Valuable Collections And Anything Worth Keeping)

Sorry for the long title, I just need to mention what I’m exactly talking about. I’m being specific here.

Ever heard of compulsive hoarding? This behavior is characterized by acquiring and keeping lots and lots of stuff without letting go any of it.^ Of course, it can cause a great deal of distress since most of the stuff covers the living areas of your home.

I sure know how to deal with old, broken and unused stuff. For the past few years, these items took up a significant amount of space in my room. Well, having discarded such items, there’s a sense of relief that I can breathe comfortably.

But wait, I only discarded the unused stuff. How about my personal collection/s?


Back then, I’m fascinated by the attractive appearances of old magazines, pamphlets, and books. It later expanded to colored sheets of paper and some of my artworks and sketches, most of them since third-year high school. I don’t know how much of these I’ve managed to collect and kept so far, but I think it’s not much. They are currently stored in two locations in my house: in the study table near the living room area, and in my room.

These collections (particularly my artworks and sketches) are significantly important to me, for they are a part of my remarkable past. I just don’t know how am I going to organize such stuff, I think I might be able to do that once I got some pieces of furniture for my room.


Your Own Personal Collections: Treasure Or Junk

Since most of my personal collections are basically my drawings and some unimportant stuff, I might consider it as junk if these don’t matter to me at all. But I love my drawings and I value anything that I find interesting. So they’re considered my own personal treasures.

Now then, some of you tend to keep stuff that’s valuable to you such as collectibles and personal letters. Of course, you’ll never think of disposing of such stuff, considering how much you love your stuff and how these items have sentimental value to you.

But of course, you might want to let go of some stuff since you’ve outgrown your love for such items and you may never want to dwell in the memory of these items. On second thoughts, you really don’t have to dispose of them, if you don’t want to. Just make sure you have a safe place for them to show how much you care for these [cherished] items of yours.

The Files In Your PC: Keep Or Delete

Your personal collections are not limited to the actual items that you have, but it can also include the files downloaded and stored in your phone or your PC. These can be various image/graphic files, music files (especially MP3s), videos, documents, scanned files, and others.

I admit, I tend to download a lot of stuff and I discover a lot more. Among the files that I couldn’t bear to delete from the PC are some rare stuff such as that jazz sampler and audio test CD in FLAC format. I find that one interesting, and I love some of the tracks from that CD so I’m gonna keep it. Of course, there are some anime series and movies that I loved best and I won’t be letting go of these. Maybe I need to back up my files.

Keeping a lot of items sure is a pain. But there are some items you couldn’t part with because it means something to you. Compared to the unused, old and/or broken items which are larger and taking up much space in the house, my personal collections are smaller and can fit every nook and cranny of my room.

Hard to let go and delete… I guess that’s the way it goes. Well, if these items (and files) meant a lot of things to you, then it’s best to keep it (and cherish it) than to dispose of it (and regret later).