#Throwback: Yume Nikki + Fan Games

November 2014. I was hooked to playing this surrealistic PC game, hoping that I can find Gakuran-kun and Aoshiru in this game (turns out they’re in a Yume Nikki fan game Yume 2kki), but I went on with finding all 24 effects before I witness a sad ending featuring Madotsuki jumping off the balcony of an apartment.

Afterwards, I went on with playing the spin-offs Yume 2kki, .flow, Yume Nisshi and Lcd Dem. So far, among the spin-offs, I only find Yume 2kki and .flow more interesting than the others due to its creepy, unsettling, and surprisingly scary scenes and events in these games.


What I recall about this game and its spin-offs:

  • I had a hard time finding some of the effects due to complicated and confusing (sometimes difficult) mazes. Well, I did manage to explore some of the worlds by means of research through its dedicated Wikia sites, and ended up getting in another world (and getting some of the effects).
  • The chasers (Toriningens in Yume Nikki; Shadow Women, Clowns and Scary Face in Yume 2kki; Kaibitsus in .flow) really creep me out. Especially with their purple or red eyes.
  • Usually, the main characters need to go to bed in order to access the dream world and save their progress (usually on a journal) upon waking up. But this is not the case with Sabitsuki (.flow), as she can access the dream world through using her PC, and saving her progress when she’s going to bed.
  • Every world in this surrealistic game is linked in some way that there’s a rare chance you’ll encounter a dead end.^ And if you do, it is mostly because of some lunatic Toriningens, Kaibitsus and Chasers chasing you and trapping you to an inescapable area. 
  • Some worlds show graphic and disturbing images, such as blood, body parts (eyeballs, hands, etc.) and deformed figures. Also, there’s some violence involved, as the main characters had the ability to kill an NPC (non-playable character) using a weapon, which is actually one of the effects in the game. Depending on the game, that weapon could be a knife, a chainsaw, or a nail-bat.
  • [Yume Nikki] I always thought that the Staircase Of Hands would take Madotsuki to somewhere interesting. Yeah, I do realize she isn’t going somewhere fancy, just to the basement of the mall and the space ship. Considering it would take an effort finding some random bed for Madotsuki to sleep on before she’ll get transported to the Staircase Of Hands… oh well.
  • [Yume Nikki] I find the video game Nasu (in Madotsuki’s room) very boring… and the Toriningen-like creature trying to catch falling eggplants before they fall down to the ground. Kind of weird and depressing at the same time.
  • [Yume 2kki] As the most extensive of all Yume Nikki fan games, Yume 2kki has a good number of features unique to this fan game such as Kura puzzle games, wallpapers, and multiple endings. Extensive as it is, this fan game is constantly updated to include new worlds, wallpapers, and events.
  • [.flow] After collecting all effects in this fan game and depositing them in the PC, Sabitsuki (as Rust) would then proceed to collect three boxes in previously inaccessible locations in the game (without the ability to use any effects, leaving her defenseless) in order to obtain the actual ending.
  • I never finished Yume Nisshi and Lcd Dem. The former is rendered unfinished, while I simply lose interest finishing the latter. Both these fan games appear to have no chasers (or so I thought).


It seems like I’m totally hooked in playing these games. And they’re all enjoyable, only if you’ll appreciate the creepiness and disturbing nature of these games.

Well, this is a remarkable moment of that year, where my weirdness is complemented by these surrealistic PC games. 2014’s not that long ago anyway (or maybe it is), but it sure makes a worthy throwback.