Obsessions: Holiday Breaks

Who wouldn’t love holidays? The moment when there’s no class or work on that day, it’s a holiday! And it’s not just one or two days, but a week or two of holiday break!


Since Christmas is just a month away, how about we look forward to a Yuletide season? I’m sure most of you are excited. That makes me smile at the thought of it. Well, who wouldn’t?

Actually, Christmas is the best time of my life for a lot of reasons. Family reunions, visiting our balikbayan relatives in the province (Balikbayan is a term for Filipinos who live or work abroad), and year end sale in malls are some of the reasons for loving this Yuletide season even more. But of course, Christmas isn’t just about family reunions, good food and going places.

So this obsession of mine is more of enjoying a holiday break. Whatever it is, I’m ready to spend the Yuletide season with lots of fun and lots of cheers.


Holidays are generally about religious observances^, hence there’s the Holy Week, Christmas, All Saints’ Day, and some more. But holidays can also be of historical and cultural observances, like Independence Day and Labor Day. Holiday celebrations do vary by country and religion.

A lot of us treat holidays as a way to take a break from work or school, considering it as a rest day. Some people even take advantage of a long weekend (if a holiday falls on a Friday or Monday), even going to the beach or tourist destinations in the country. Yes, it’s not just a religious or cultural observance, but more of a special day to rest and relax.


Ah… holidays. You’re more than just a special day to me.

There’s a reason to love holidays. All of us do. We always look forward to it, and a smile on our faces proves that we’re anticipating something fun and/or relaxing on a special day. Yup, a perfect obsession for those longing for a break.

I’m looking forward to a great holiday ahead! Are you?