i150W: Going Places

Going places sounds like traveling to a specific place in the city. For me, it’s basically mall-hopping and visiting interesting places such as parks or museums.

Okay, it seems pretty nonsense if your only goal is plain sightseeing, but there are some interesting sights along the way. For example, the attractive buildings are worthy of being photographed. So here goes the “bitten-by-a-shutterbug” mode and started taking pictures of some tall buildings, from different angles.

Of course, there’s the gastronomic adventure, where you try some of the finest cuisines, depending on your preference. And then there’s a little shopping and a ride through the city by means of public transport such as buses or trains.

By going places, you get to discover a lot of things. It helps that you go out and start visiting your favorite destinations in the city every once in a while, to relax and enjoy life.