i150W: Waiting For The Holidays


It’s Christmas in three weeks, and everybody’s looking forward to it.

There’s the feeling of anticipation for this wonderful time of the year, and a smile in each and everyone’s faces proves that. Christmas songs are heard almost everywhere, Christmas decorations and centerpieces are on display, and lots of shopping choices through year-end mall sales and bazaars. There’s even a holiday themed train, via the LRT Line 1.

What’s to look forward to during Christmas? There’s a family reunion, a big feast, lots of fun and a whole lot of surprises. Just imagine the thought of exchanging gifts and celebrating the holidays with a big feast, complete with a reunion of families and relatives… it’s a happy celebration.

It’s only a few weeks before Christmas, and there’s still time for you to do some Christmas shopping, put up some Christmas decorations, plan your holiday trip, and so on. Fun times, indeed!