Memories… Moments

Why I feel like remembering the good times of my life? Why I feel like coming back to the same place… the place I’ve been during that remarkable moment of my life? Am I missing these times?


October 2005. Rainfall, coconut incense, Naruto, Super Mario Kart, and the coffee commercial featuring the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. I was feeling disappointed that time since I couldn’t use the laptop to play Golden Sun (through a GBA emulator) and do anything random, so I content myself with the slower desktop PC just to play games… it was kind of ridiculous and immature how I reacted to that possibility. And there are some cheap collectible cards, the ones featuring Gon and Killua (of Hunter x Hunter). Then there’s the sudden urge to watch anime on TV, Naruto in particular. And there’s an upcoming channel on test broadcast, plus some upcoming Korean drama series on prime time.

2006. Saved HTML copies of song lyrics, downloaded wallpapers and programs, a smooth jazz station playing songs which later become my favorites, and a bunch of misery (mostly bullying). The desktop PC had a problem, it took a long time to get it back to work. Around that time, I was watching these anime series: Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade) and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. And of course, I was playing my favorite Final Fantasy game on a SNES emulator, Final Fantasy 5.

2014. After high school graduation seven years ago (nine years by the time I wrote this), I was thinking of going to that shawarma place (which is a few kilometers from the school) and that’s when I decided to swing by the quiet subdivision where my high school is, for no particular reason (other than the aforementioned plan). Some things have changed, some things remained as it is. As I walked the entire stretch from the church to the shawarma place, I had a strange feeling that some of my high school classmates might be living somewhere and I might run into them. Well, I did have a bite of the beef shawarma and I get to see my high school and its renovated main entrance.


Admit it or not, there are some reasons why we tend to recall such (what we consider as) important and remarkable moments in our life. The places you’ve been, that particular scent, the food you ate, the book you read… these can bring back good (and sometimes bad) memories that’s worth remembering.

Memories are meant to be cherished, not forgotten. It’s a personal story, a part of your personal history that you can always look back to. Being a sentimental person, these memories can make you smile, laugh or cry, depending on the situation. As we grow old, these memories are becoming more valuable. You often wish that there’s a time machine to go back through childhood and relive those great memories all over again.

In the end, no matter how fun or embarrassing they are, these memories still matter in our lives.  The memories that matter most are the ones you cherished best. Anything that’s fun and memorable is the one worth keeping.


Good memories, great moments. That’s what makes me happy and emotional at the same time. They’re hard to replicate, and they’re difficult to recreate. But it’s something that you can relive.


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